The Top Ten Stocks for Thursday, July 18

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July 18 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Trish Regan, Julie Hyman and Michael McKee report on today's ten most important stocks including SanDisk, eBay and Dell. They speak on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop."

Service's with nine emmy nominations.

The first time an internet streaming service will be in the running for tv's top honors.

Number nine, merck, the healthcare company, concerned increase over competition with johnson and johnson.

Lowering their price target from $52 to $51. number eight is microsoft, investors zeroing in on whether the software company will roll out office 3.65 this year.

The company raising full revenue forecast as a curb spending, sandisk,. number six, ibm.

Shares in premarket reflecting strategic successes at big lou, beating the -- at big blue.

Ibm with cost cuts and share buybacks against broader market slowdowns in i.t. spending.

Number five is verizon, attracting more long-term subscribers.

90 -- 941,000, to be exact.

Second quarter netting comes to $31 billion.

Number four, morgan stanley.

There is value going on with the stock, at least premarket.

An increase in its earnings that handily beat analyst estimates.

You do not want to miss our exclusive interview with morgan stanley ceo james gorman, sitting down with erik schatzker.

Number three is ebay, investors lowering their bids for shares of the online marketplace premarket.

Estimates struggling to maintain growth in europe and asia.

That is where the ceo has been focusing his efforts.

Number two is intel.

Having a rough morning after company earnings in third quarter forecast fell short of estimates.

The semiconductor maker is struggling.

People are either matching or slightly bidding on earnings and missing on revenue.

Let's get to another biggie.

It is our number one stock that you need to be watching today, and it is dell, trading a little bit higher now premarket.

We just got word that it has adjourned its shareholder meeting this morning until july 24. don't forget they were supposed to be voting on the dell deal.

Michael dell and silverlake trying to take the company five it.

$13.65 a share.

It looks like they may not have had enough votes.

They are waiting until july 24 to make the final decision.

Coming up here on the open.

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