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Jan. 9 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Betty Liu, Olivia Sterns and Alix Steel report on today's ten most important stocks including Novartis, J.C. Penney, and Ford. They speak on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)

This is "in the loop" and the countdown begins right now.

Chris christie will hold a news conference two hours from now.

The first time we hear from him following accusations of the plug the newly -- the politically motivated closures.

The six largest u.s. bank client to a high even as firms spend 18 they dollars to deal with legal claims.

We will talk with the state of banks with the ceo of bankunited a little bit later in the program.

We will also talk about it.

He is in the loop with just a few moments.

Monthly sales figures pour into retailers giving investors a sense of how retailers.

During the holiday season.

Did you go shopping and did you shop enough?

Olivia sterns has more on what retailers are likely to put out.

J.c. penney said they did well but gave no numbers yet.

I was curious jcpenney did not give any numbers.

Retailers had the deck stacked against them.

One particular thing that hurt them was the calendar year.

A shortened holiday shopping season this year because there was a shortened amount of time between the thanksgiving holiday and the christmas holiday.

It's fewer days to shop.

That took a bite.

We had extreme weather.

It was not a polar vortex but tons of snow on the ground cap people from going into stores.

It is hard to say how much of it was whether and how much was e- commerce.

It really did hurt.

We will get a steady stream of sales.

We arty got a few examples.

American apparel wear down six percent.

Urban outfitters, they were up three percent.

That is good news.

We know what a difficult environment it had been for those retailers.

Up high about 2.7%. lets tart out in terms of discounting.

The big problem with discounts is even if we see an overall two percent to three percent increase in sales, the numbers are a lot weaker because of what the discounts will have done to markets.

The discounts this year were severe and as deep as we have seen.

If you look at average discounts at many of the big retailers, they offered a much eager break than before.

Macy's average discount, 39% off as opposed to 32%. a lot of damage to earnings.

It was amazing, the sales we saw during the season.

A lot of people said to watch e- commerce and that this may be the year where we see it blow up.

We have heard that every year.

How does it do?

Class e-commerce did better than brick-and-mortar stores.

That would be the easy answer.

We saw a retailers who also had those strong operations.

They outperformed.

Look at what we heard out yesterday.

Macy's said they would cut 2500 jobs and said they would close five stores.

They also said they would add to online staff.

Earnings ahead of estimates.

It seems the strategy is when you can get the right mix, those are the ones who will succeed.

Thank you.

Markets reporter.

A quick look at other company headlines we are watching.

Blackrock made trades using nonpublic data according to an investigation.

Blackrock has agreed to and its survey program, allowing it to trade and analyst sentiment before it was public.

Blackrock did not admit or deny the finding.

In equity firm raised $2 million for a fund that will provide financing for distressed companies around the world.

The special situation fund will invest in north america, europe, and asia.

Ibm is investing $1 billion.

A new business unit is created for the system, which you might remember, the television quiz show.

The investment includes 29 dollars in funding for business.

They develop applications based on technology.

What will robots not replace in the future?

The federal reserve released minutes for its meeting yesterday and admitted the risks outweigh benefits to its bond buying program, or qe, as we have all come to call it.

The fed announced it will taper the purchases as e-commerce improves and banks are on a look out for higher interest rates.

The banking and regulatory environment.

We knew are joined by the ceo of bankunited.

Great to see you again.

Good morning.

We have read in these notes, and maybe all of us are reading too much into it, but it aims like the fed was starting to become more and more aware they were stoking a possible asset bubble here.

That is true.

The idea the fed is starting to back off, they clearly get the market warning and talk about that for months.

You have been preparing for that yourself.

So, do you believe it will be steady as she goes here with the fed, particularly with janet yellen at the helm?

Anyone who studies her history as an economist is well aware she is an occult -- accommodative monotheist and believes in a continuation at least as accommodative as technologies today and i do not think anyone expects her to put the brakes on this anytime soon.

There are questions about what she will be like as a banking regulator.

Do you share concerns?

She seems to be starting out on the right foot.

They're putting a lot of attention on largest institutions.

Just this morning, news came out about the recent conversations going out at the fed and in congress about large institutions.

She is on the right track.

I believe she has got a chance to change a lot of members of the federal reserve and she can eat clock as necessary the regulatory experience people who will eventually serve.

We know dodd frank is being implemented as of late last year.

What's so far, what is the further clarity you have around it that affects your business?

There has been a lot of publicity recently, about, here we go with unintended consequences again.

A time we have complex regulation, there has been a great deal of discussion about ceos that relate to the negative impact it will have on small banks if they have to sell out securities if they are deemed to be unacceptable bank investments.

A couple have artie taken sizable hits.

It is getting worked out.

I think the rule and the dodd frank regulation is a marathon and not a sprint.

It will be a long process of sorting it out and getting it right.

The whole idea, we all complain about overregulation because it is different and not what we are lead used to.

The idea is to try to make the industry safer and more protectable.

I think we are on the right track.

Class using the billions of dollars at jpmorgan, the settlements, other banks had to pay, it is making americans safer?

I assume jamie dimon is listening to me so i will be careful.

He has been a punching bag.

You should have been the daily news this week.

We're one of the largest complex multinational companies.

We are a very large company and we will make large mistakes.

We have all made mistakes and jpmorgan has admittedly made some mistakes and paid the price.

The future will be different in banking.

The speed limit has been lower.

The cops are aware of it and they are enforcing a new set of regulations.

Once the dust settles and this is all behind us, this will be a better and more protectable industry for investors to invest.

Is it a better and more printable industry for you in terms of acquisitions?

Are you finding any value to add on to your bank?

We have been talking about buying a bank for five years and have not done well.

Why is that?

The valuations?

The valuations.

Improving the economy, there has been a change in tied that has listed all ships in the industry.

The multiples, particular banks that are the size we would be interested in buying, the multiples are at lofty levels.

We think it works just right.

To be frank, this company is growing at $5 billion a year.

It started out only as a $10 billion company.

The economic results, we are creating through organic growth, tough to beat in or -- inorganic acquisition.

Would you say you have stepped back?

We are discussing the people every week and every day and the acquisition opportunity that might make sense for us.

Our own performance so far outstrips anything we could see.

Briefly, you have been a longtime banker here on wall street.

Do not remind me.

And you had bankunited come into the new york market.

We now have a new mayor in new york city.

Any big questions for you as to how the new mayor could affect business climate?

It is a hot topic.

A dinner and lunch, station desk lunch conversation every day.

I have a lot of friends who do and nobody accuses him of being anything but a brilliant guy.

I do not think he will kill the golden goose.

I think in the end, there will be a level of agreement with the business community.

If wealthy new yorkers have to kick in a little bit of money so young people can go to school early and their parents can go to work, that is not so bad.

I think he will find his way to satisfy both sides.

Great to see you as always.

The chairman, president, and ceo of bankunited.

Coming up, staying in new york, the new york rangers.

Stanley cup.

Mark is in the loop to tell us how he went from hockey pro two ceo.

From hockey to football, tomorrow, the former new york giants running back will tell us about his latest play.

The company that allows you to book an experience with your favorite players.

A lot coming up.

Stay in the loop.

? he was inducted into the hockey hall of aim in 2007. he is taking on the role of randy ambassador for the rivalry on ice hockey game.

This saturday at madison square garden msg.

Mark is here in our studio.

Great to have you.

Also, fellow comedian hockey not erik schatzker is joining in as well.

Let's talk first about this rivalry.

You said before that you had wanted to for a long time bring it.

You had in the united states a tremendous amount of great players coming out of college hockey and entering into the nhl draft there.

They have a long history of rivalry is.

A lot of cousins and relatives have gone to harvard and yell.

You have a nephew on the team.

How will you stay neutral?

It is hard.

We are excited about being a part of it.

That is part of our mission to regrow the game of hockey.

College hockey is the subject of some debate for young kids, whether they are canadian or american.

Do you go to college to play hockey and lock yourself up for years, or if you're talented read -- 18-year-old wants to recognize his talent, do you leave college early and go play for the nhl?

There is no right answer because everybody is different and everybody measures at different ages.

Build up their bodies.

Everything is so scouted.

It does not matter where you play.

There is really not a better choice.

It is different individual preference.

You are the ceo of the kingsbridge ice center.

It will be built in the bronx.

Tell me what your plans are here . we will be the largest ice complex in the world with nine sheets of ice in one rank.

It will become the kingsbridge heights center.

One of our big missions initiatives is to grow the game of hockey in the surrounding areas.

We feel there is a lot of untapped potential and hockey players in the area not playing hockey.

Figure skaters, skaters -- why do you think that is?

For 100,000 people across the nation, in this area, one sheet of ice for 1.2 million people, we are sorely underserved in the area.

We think it can make a big dent in that the bronx is an interesting location for this.

Class it is a great thing.

87 comes up is beside us.

In that people in the city can get to the national ice center very easily.

We are getting a tremendous amount of traction.

It took us years to get approval.

Once we have done that, the door is flooded.

It is very exciting.

That he mentioned you were a canadian kid -- i grew up -- i have got to ask you about stadium hockey.

Detroit i get it and chicago i get it.

It's for -- pittsburgh, i get it.

Are we going too far?


It started out as an event.

Almost the super bowl of ice hockey.

The regional markets say they want one as well.

They are willing to sell tickets and create events in independent markets.

Why not?

Does the novelty factor wear off?

I do not think it will.

The novelty factor is not because it is not and their particular town.

The yankee stadium, michigan, across the country, the market is saying there is a need for this.

The day they go on sale, this is all good news for hockey.

Michigan and detroit and toronto, it was an incredible experience.

Talk about a hockey spectacle to sell the sport.

It was a home run.


On the darker side, as you know, the settlement reached with nfl players, head injuries, there was a lawsuit filed.

Saying this to them was too violent.

It may has -- may have caused health problems here they are suing the league and seeking damages.

No one feels good about it.

They work together every day to make the games better and safer and more exciting.

There is not a day that goes by.

How will you get the spectators to watch?

There is no easy or correct answer at this particular time.

Overtime, answers will start to develop.

We know more now than we did 10 years ago or 15 or 20 years ago.

Violence in hockey is an issue on and off the ice.

Can, the greatest goalie ever to play the game, was on bloomberg television the other day.

The fighting in our league was meant to ensure that violence -- incidents were taken out of the game.

The game was very simple.

Your job is not to let me get to that area.

This conflict happens.

There will be instances where tempers flare.

The fighting does not have anything to do with the conflict on the ice.

It is not that good for the game.

Great to have you with us.

We will be back in two minutes.

? it looks like futures are trading into positive territory.

1849 was the high for the s&p last year.

They basically had read her than expected initial jobless claims, following more than estimated in also, retailers really helping the markets here from macy's to jcpenney.

Mario draghi saying he expects interest rates to stay low for an extended time, echoing what the fed said yesterday.

A distinction there between tapering and tightening and futures are reacting as a result.

We are on the markets again in 30 minutes.

Thank you.

A countdown to be open and top 10. the only trade you need to know, olivia sterns joins in.

3-d systems, the company is named global entertainer and threat -- philanthropist will i am as chief officer.

He will be in charge of shaping and driving all company initiatives to mainstream the use of 3-d printing.


Number nine is macy's. strong holiday season sales and forecast profits.

Macy's also announced a hundred million dollar per year savings plan, including cutting 20 million jobs, closing five stores.

Number eight, the pharmaceutical company is in talks to trade.

That is according to people familiar with the matter.

The spokesperson said the company would not comment on rumor or speculation.

Number seven is apple.

They agreed to obtain a mediator to help resolve with its rival, samsung.

Hundreds of millions of dollars on claims of copying each other's features.

Number nine, bed that can be on.

Shares falling after they reported third-quarter net income that fell short of analyst estimates.

Number five is family dollar.

They cut the forecast after reporting first-quarter earnings that missed analyst estimates.

They now expect same quarter sales to fall below digits, the previous forecast of a low single digits.

American eagle outfitters.

It lowered its fourth-quarter earnings after a disappointing holiday shopping season.

Down seven percent versus up five percent a year ago.

Same with the retail scene.

Shares of jcpenney ranged overweight.

A firm says jcpenney is doing what they said they would do.

This is after they said it was pleased with holiday sales, reaffirming its first-quarter forecast.

And out coda, making the unofficial start of earnings season.

Analysts are forecasting earnings to come in at six cents per share.

Number one, ford, the automaker boosted its dividend to 12.5 cents or share.

The increase reflects the company's strong balance sheets and positive business performance.

Joining us now, the owner of capital management.

The minutes yesterday, they seem to be recognizing what you talked about, risks to their own monetary policy.

Do you give them any credit?

I do not know how much.

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