The Top Ten Stocks for Thursday, January 30

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Jan. 30 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Betty Liu, Alix Steel, and Olivia Sterns report on today's ten most important stocks on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop."

Year off with.

Thank you, alix steel.

Let's count down to the top 10, the only trait you need to know about today.

Number 10, visa.

Shares of the world largest credit card company rising in the premarket following a beat on fiscal first-quarter earnings.

Net income rose nearly nine percent from a year ago as people used their cards more.

The ceo said he is looking for ways to increase business outside the u.s. where visa gets more than half of its revenue.

Number nine, potash.

Fertilizer producer reporting fourth-quarter earnings that trailed estimates.

Also missed forecast for the full year after the price of its namesake fell 24%. eli lilly, the drugmaker reporting fourth-quarter profit slightly below analyst estimates but was heard by overall calling revenues in some of the generic drugs and competition for the malta -- zymbalta.

Number seven, citrix systems, fourth-quarter earnings beat analysts estimates but issued a disappointing full-year forecast.

It also announced that ceo is going to be retiring within the next well month.

At least two analysts have downgraded the stock this morning.


Shares surging in the premarket.

Goldman sachs saying the stock could hit 60 bucks at the company doubles the ad load.

I recently found pandora and now i love it.

Way behind.

Number five, las vegas sands, the world largest casino company reporting fourth-quarter earnings that trailed analyst estimates and sales in singapore fell.

They did reported double-digit jump, though, a revenue and las vegas operations.

Number four, time warner cable, fending off a $37 billion buyout did by charter communications, the fourth quarter estimates, higher fees made up for it.

Another 200 that -- higher fees made up for another 200,000 subscribers leading.

I will be speaking to ceo later this morning, be sure to tune in.

Weatherford international, oilfield services company and out ways to cut 10% of its work -- work force in the first half of the year part of an effort to cut overall cost.

It also issued a disappointing profit forecast for the fourth quarter.

Number two, ubs, the shipping giant says fourth-quarter profit fell 815% as higher than predicted and inclement weather we remember so well negatively impacted -- robert fell eight .5%. it expects much better result in 2014. at number one, facebook.

The social networking giant reporting a 61% jump in and sales and a 16% increase and uses for the fourth quarter.

Facebook also reached a key milestone, generating more than half of its advertising revenue rum mobile be vices.

Shares have more than double last year.

They are still surging on that news.

And facebook has a lot to celebrate.

On february 4, the social networking giant on the anniversary of this, arcs zuckerberg is making the cover of the newest bloomberg businessweek.

The company -- sam grobart with us.

How do we document this projector he -- trajectory here?

Given the competition that facebook has already vanquished, 10 years is an extraordinary accomplishment.

When you think about the predecessors that have risen and fallen in that.

Of time, to be able to maintain that growth, to give it to mobile, it is a tremendous competent.

The fact that they are now

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