The Top Ten Stocks for Thursday, Jan. 2

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Jan. 2 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Deirdre Bolton, Matt Miller and Julie Hyman report on today's ten most important stocks on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)

To know about, your top 10. senior markets correspondent julie hyman with me as well as matt miller.

I will kick it off with top 10. this tech company rising after receiving notification from the fda the partial clinical hold on the blood cancer drug is been removed.

The company can resume all studies currently underway.

Campbell soup, the company voluntarily recall is in -- recalling cases of prego additional italian sauce after spoilage was discovered.

They say no illnesses linked to the recall have been reported.

This ocean cargo transportation provider says it will resume sales of its previously announced $200 million equity offers.

Dryships issued 6.9 million shares in the program.

Las vegas sands and macau casinos hitting the jackpot, revenue of nearly 19% from a year earlier.

It is the dominant u.s. player in that part of asia.

Hotel rooms, shopping malls and entertainment show to attract bitter -- visitors.

Will not be a day in the top 10 without twitter.

The price targets raised from $52 to $70. the expects would've to benefit in the surge of online video advertising and reiterated its overweight waiting on the stock.

Hertz car rental considering a sale or spinoff of the equipment rental unit.

The news comes after it reported -- the poison pill upon seeing unusual and substantial activity in its stock.

Number four is apple.

Wells fargo downgrading the stock market before saying gross margins may come under pressure later this year.

Benefit -- and may benefit from new products like the iwatch.

Samsung electronics, the world's biggest maker of smart phones and televisions is focusing on cheaper devices in emerging markets, part of a push to maintain growth.

It is urging workers to adopt new ways of thinking and move beyond focus on hardware.

Number two is netflix, the subscription service had a monster year.

Shares surged obviously 300% in 2013, making it the s&p 500's biggest gainer by far.

It celebrated a successful year by announcing a massive pay bump for executives and plans to experiment with new pricing plans for consumers.

The number one spot that we are watching for you today, macy's. the retail giant announcing it has settled its legal dispute with martha stewart on the media -- omnimedia.

Terms are confidential but it does not affect the outstanding claim against jcpenney.

That is the opening bell.

You can hear it for yourself.

We will take you from new york to chicago.

The cme.

The owner of kenai capital management.

First trading day of the new year.

What are you looking for?

Right now i am turning into a big commodity bear.

The main reason is because i am very friendly the dollar.

Where it comes from is being negative ons.

I think by the end of the day -- end of the year you could see the 10-year treasury exceeding yield of 3.7%, even four percent.

That would be very u.s. dollar positive and i think it will be negative for commodities.

Most notably because i am not a believer in the china story.

I am very skeptical.

You can just build infrastructure for ever.

You have to have a functioning, good, solid economy to see the growth levels they have seen and i just don't see it there.

China, in my view, is a big risk.

Where will ripple through the markets?

It will happen and commodities.

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