The Top Ten Stocks for Thursday, December 19

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Dec. 19 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Betty Liu, Cory Johnson and Scarlet Fu report on today's ten most important stocks on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop."

Need to know about today.

Let's start with number 10, astrazeneca.

The biopharmaceutical firm buying bristol-myers.

Up to four .1 billion dollars.

Astrazeneca a possible new ceo has been racing to revive businesses by inking deals to restock its product portfolio.

And number nine, target.

About 40 million debit and credit card numbers may have been lead from target.

Law enforcement is investigating.

Online customers are not affected by the breach.

Let's go to number eight.

Hershey is gobbling up the chinese candy maker, golden monkey.

Hershey is looking to gain a stronger hold in china, which is one of the world fastest-growing markets for sweets.

Ge, general electric, the company is predicting faster growth at its manufacturing movement -- units.

Earnings at the industrial division will grow at a double- digit pace in 2014. and number six, irc interactive.

Barry diller is going to tighten things up around his dating service,

It will be separated into its own business that will include the dating center as well as and david byrne.

-- daily burn.

Darden will spin off red lobster and forgo acquisitions of additional brands for the foreseeable future.

Number four, tesla motors.

Regulators say the model as and the charging system did not cause a fire in a california garage last month.

Shares have fallen over 20% from the peak in september partly on that news.

Next -- oracle third-quarter sales, interesting growth from the company, up two percent over the -- year-over-year.

Not really seeing great benefit from the acquisition results announced last night.

Number two, right aid, the drugstore operator.

Posting earnings on continued sales growth.

But shares are down in response to cutting the forecast.

They are still up to date.

Number one, nike, the biggest sports company in the world is stepping up its sneaker strategy and has 11 new basketball shoes coming out the next 30 days.

Including a signature christmas edition.

Those were ugly shoes.

Did you see those?

Did you see them?

It depends on your opinion.

[opening bell] joining me is the president of trading advantage.

I will ask you about the fed, not footwear.

Today, it's kind of like, what do we do?

I think we will give a little bit back today.

Most professional traders -- there are many of your viewers that are active in the markets.

There was a knee-jerk reaction when it was announced it was lower.

The s&p dropped about 10 points in three seconds.

But that being said, it spent the entire afternoon rallying in a big way.

Most traders were a little surprise, but certainly got on board when the market started

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