The Top Ten Stocks for Sept. 30

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Sept. 30 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Adam Johnson, Julie Hyman and Olivia Sterns report on today’s ten most important stocks including Delta, Chipotle and Buffalo Wild Wings. (Source: Bloomberg)

The only stocks you need to know.

Kicking it off, killian pharmaceuticals, plunging nearly 58% as regulators are going to keep a clue -- critical hold in place on its study of hepatitis c, saying they have observed abnormal little problems in patients using that drug.

-- liver problems in patients using that drug.

Number nine, ebay, losing the lawsuit as claimed by the government that they lost the handshake agreement from the interim former ceo to restrict recruiting and hiring each other's workers.

Number eight, johnson falling 2.5% today, expectations being too high headed into the analysis, with the turnaround holding promise and the path to get there being neither clear nor easy.

Buffalo wild wings, up two percent today, boosting the restaurant operators price target, citing stable chicken wing costs.

Maintaining that it outperformed . julie, i like my wings hot.

Have you had them?

They are good.

I wish that they were hotter.

That's why they have hot sauce on the side.

We should have the ceo on.

That would be great.

After -- active network, part of a leading company management for corporate functions.

Number five, delta, down just one fraction, equipping 11,000 pilots with circuits containing operation annuals and other reference materials in the -- cockpits.

Is the whole message from the airlines not to turn off your devices?

That is about to change.

Sometime later this year they will consider letting people use their electronic devices.

To me delta should not have been number five, iker soft should have been number five.

This seems like a contract for them.

This thing has been struggling.

Here is my pick, the actual keyboard.

It is kind of hard to type.

You can get it with the ipad.


To boldly, upper -- upgraded from overweight to equal weight with more customers on strong pricing power.

The only problem is their food is not hot enough for me either.


Number three, phillip morris, down one percent.

They have agreed to buy a stake in an algerian tobacco maker.

The opposition against phillip morris, which gets all sales outside the u.s., greater presence in northern africa.

J.c. penney is down three percent today, citing weakness in retail sales, accelerating cash for an out.

[] closing bell max --[closing bell] it is happening as you hear the closing bell, stocks off the low, number one is brookfield office, up 13%, getting an offer from brookfield properties.

This deal valued at about $5 billion.

Stocks closing well off the lows, here to help us figure it out, we are joined by very

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