The Top Ten Stocks for Sept. 23

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Sept. 23 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Adam Johnson, Matt Miller and Trish Regan report on today’s ten most important stocks including Pandora, Apple and BlackBerry. (Source: Bloomberg)

The close.

Goldman sachs down more than two percent for the first day on the dow.

The company is adding trading sessions and increasing the money it makes available to buy securities on the electronic on trading platform.

I am talking jpmorgan.

Shares down right now.

Backing late stage development of technology to fight diseases.

Certainly a good piece of news for the world.

Number eight, general electric.

The company signed a $1.9 billion deal, contract with algeria.

A big contract win for ge, they will add eight gigawatts of power.

If anyone knows what a gigawatts is, that is what it will be.

I was guessing a .2. number seven, microsoft.

Surface tablet to an surface pro.

The software maker's latest business.

The first devices fell flat.

Talking about citigroup.

Shares down more than three percent.

The currency rate and interest rate business made me to a drop in bond trading revenue.

Citigroup scheduled to report earnings october 15. they are declined to comment on the news.

Number five is google.

Shares down almost two percent.

Facing the challenge of persuading a judge that digitally copied millions of books without author's permission is protected by copyright law.

The company argued today that the fair use revision was liability.

It goes beyond if i buy a book am i can copy it.

Obviously i can.

But if i buy a book and use that for my business that makes me billions of dollars in revenue, is that legal?

This is uncharted territory.

I was talking to a lawyer is that there are not enough precedents to really navigate.

They want free stuff with which to make billions of dollars.

That is what they have to convince the judge of.

Adams point is a great one.

Technology is just moving law.

You see it in so many different areas.

I think self driving cars.

But also in copyright law.

The genie and the convention applies to the internet.

Can google copybooks to use for the billion dollar business?

Moving on to number four, netflix.

It won its first emmy ever with house of cards.

Interesting that it is trading down.

I am looking forward to homeland, which premieres this sunday night.

I'm moving onto pandora, because shares are down almost 10% today.

[closing bell] there is the closing bell.

Clear channel communications is trying to move this whole thing forward.

Apple is up five percent.

The tech giant has reported that it has sold 9 million of its new iphone over the weekend.

That is well more than expected.

The number one stock of the day might have been apple until we got the blackberry news.

Shares are up after learning that the company friendly got an offer for a buyout.

The group would offer nine dollars a share, a three percent premium over their closing price last week.

Third day of losses for the s&p. we are right back where we

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