The Top Ten Stocks for Sept. 19

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Sept. 19 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Trish Regan, Adam Johnson and Julie Hyman report on today’s ten most important stocks including Pier 1 Imports, Apple and JPMorgan. (Source: Bloomberg)

Meanwhile, if you missed everything that happened in today's section, -- in today's session, we're going to get you caught up right now.

M or 10 is boeing -- up on news that live taunts us bit -- split an order between boeing and airbus.

Deliveries of the 777's are set to be delivered in 2020. i would like to go to that knowing plant.

Disney, the stock is down about 2%, cut from equal weight to overweight for the first time in more than four years.

The air came and company delayed the release of two of its pix ar unit's movies coming out.

They're pushing it back by 18 months.

That leaves the animation studio without an animated release for the first time since 2005. by the way, make sure you stick around, on bloomberg tv cfo week, we will speak with the cfo of disney, jay rasulo.

Take two interactive stock is rising, a little over 1%. the latest addition to it's grand theft auto franchise set a new sales record -- $800 million in just one day.

The debut of grand theft auto v was the biggest day ever for them.

Groupon is up on continued acceleration in its u.s. business, increased mobile business and in crude arjun.

Right aid surging, the third- largest drug chain here in the u.s. is up on unexpected second- quarter profit due to continued sales growth, stronger margins.

They also raised their earnings forecast for the year despite saying they expect to see lower benefits from the new generic drug payouts.

Number 5 -- pandora, saying it's going to sell more shares and the stock is up more than 6%, at a record.

The biggest web radio service pricing expanded offers for the new stock traded the company announced it will sell 13 million shares, increased from the 10 million it reported about a week ago.

It is odd -- selling more shares, but it's because the demand for shares is so high.

This company went public in 2011 and is at a record today.

This is the future of radio.

The idea that you can get in your car and listen to pandora or any of these services, that is where it is going.

It's interesting you can listen to any of these services and yet pandora seems to be doing the best in terms of performance.

You are going to have apple radio, etc.

Number four is pier 1 imports, plunging after sales missed analyst estimates.

He also cut their earnings for cast for the year.

Apple shares are up almost 2% treated is the even of apple's big product launches.

For the first time, the company is going to release its new handsets in china on the same day as they are doing here in the u.s., europe and japan.

Number two, not a stock, but we have to talk about gold.

It's up almost five percent, skyrocketing on the back of the announcement yesterday that the stimulus is not moving on to the number one of the day.

Jpmorgan is paying $29 million in penalties and admitting wrongdoing to settle charges with regulators over the london whale probe.

Still facing investigations by the cftc, department of justice, and states attorney general -- and state attorneys general.

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