The Top Ten Stocks for Sept. 17

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Sept. 17 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Trish Regan, Adam Johnson and Matt Miller report on today’s ten most important stocks including Herbalife, Pandora and Microsoft. (Source: Bloomberg)

Do not worry -- we're going to get you caught up right now.

Coming up in your top 10 best buy benefiting from loss over at competitor sears according to a morgan stanley report, noting that 67% of best buy stores are within five aisles of a sears store -- within five miles of a sears store.

I bought my tv at best buy, and i love it.

At&t, the largest u.s. phone company, seeking buyers for its wireless towers.

The deal could fetch about $5 billion, a much-needed boost to at&t's balance sheet, which took a hit this year due to network upgrades.

Number eight is outer wall, dealer of the redbox kiosk, which i'm sure none of us has ever used.

It is hurting after lowering profit forecasts, blaming poor numbers on discount and shorter rental periods by customers.

What's a dvd?

Does anybody even have a dvd player?

That kind of went out with eight track cassettes.

Number seven is safeway, the grocery chain adopting a shareholder rights plan to port unfriendly takeovers -- work -- thwart unfriendly takeovers.

Quarterly phosphate sales softening, hurting mosaic.

Jp morgan down slightly, but not too bad, considering the company just admitted to fault in the london and wales suit.

Ed has agreed to pay back about eight hundred million dollars in a groundbreaking admission of wrongdoing.

The ceo jamie dimon told employees to prepare for more legal woes ahead.

Even more?

I love that for losing $600 billion, they were fined $800 million.

Shareholders who took a hit will be punished with an even bigger hit.

Speaking as someone who came from wall street, you do not often see admission of wrongdoing on wall street because that opens you up to other lawsuits.

Usually there is a settlement, it's close, and you move on, and that is why i think he was him -- why i think he was warning employees to prepare for more.

Herbalife reaching an all- time high as investors anticipate the leverage share buyback program that could be coming in the next few weeks.

Let's talk about u.s. airways and d, both in the green as j.p. morgan upgrades the two companies to overweight from neutral -- u.s. airways and delta.

Number two, pandora of nearly 5%, identifying to possible m&a targets, looking at privately held companies that offer unique life forms that would build out pandora's media purchasing unit.

Moving to our number one stock of the day -- microsoft, the world's largest software maker announcing a new $40 billion stock buyback plan and interventions to increase its dividend 22%. analysts call this a step in the right direction for investors.

Here we are coming up on the closing bell.

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