The Top Ten Stocks for Sept. 16

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Sept. 16 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Trish Regan, Adam Johnson and Julie Hyman report on today’s ten most important stocks including Boeing, Wal-Mart and the U.S. 10-Year. (Source: Bloomberg)

If you missed everything that happened, do not worry.

We are getting you caught up on the only stocks you need to know.

Wells fargo in the lead.

It likes the news that larry summers went through his name for consideration.

Huntsman down about 1%. here is what is happening despite the fact the company got upgraded at jefferies to buy from a holes.

They noted the company's recent devaluation.

The target went up to 26. it had been 20. number eight is maidenform, the underwear and bra maker.

Little change.

This is even after harvard reported a six point seven percent stake in the intimate apparel company.

Harvard did this in the ordinary course of its endowment investing.

Blackrock is the second largest holder.


Resources the largest.

Franklin resources is the largest.

Larry summers has an exit from nomination for fed chairman.

Today's surge highlights investor preference or janet yellen in the chair.

Up almost 10%. the fourth largest producer of corrugated shipping boxes will buy a shipping company in order to increase compact -- capacity.

It is being valued at $1.3 billion.

Five is a bowling.

They are at a record today.

-- boeing.

They are at a record today.

A new technology with a new airframe that has replaced.

This is the ninth version of the 77 dreamliner.

We are seeing a beautiful picture.

Flying is absolutely amazing.

It is so quiet.

I'm going to lower my voice.

I could talk this slowly during takeoff.

You flew this aware?

-- where?

United flight one from houston to chicago.

It was an amazing fight.

I sat next to the cfo of united.

It was incredible how quiet the plane was here it normally the microphone -- was.

Normally the microphone picks up everything.

I do not want to sound like an ad.

I am just saying.

I love how much of a plane nerd you are.

Number four is walmart.

The company is so committed to becoming america's largest beer retailer it is selling it almost at cost.

In la stores the markup for a 26 pack is just .6% compared to 16% qc for for a bag of cheetos.

-- you see for a bag of cheetos.

Bristol-myers up 3.6%. from overweight to neutral.

This is "the most significant pipeline opportunity in pharma." jpmorgan planning to sell [indiscernible] 10-year yields down on summer top top the dow jones industrials closing up better than 100 points.

You can see, 117. not quite as good as we had done earlier in the session.

So, still, some optimism there.

Not quite the same story on the nasdaq.

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