The Top Ten Stocks for Sept. 13

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Sept. 13 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Trish Regan, Adam Johnson and Matt Miller report on today’s ten most important stocks including Safeway, Intel and Occidental Petroleum. (Source: Bloomberg)

We are getting you caught up on the only stocks you need to know about.

The investment bank has been named the lead underwriter on the much anticipated twitter ipo.

I hear you.

Vitamin shoppe more than -- down more than three percent.

The firm believes increasing competitive pressures and fickle consumers have led to a slowdown in traffic.

Ville ackman trims his stake in the shopping mall operator.

The less of him you see the happier investors are.

And surging to an all-time high.

The company reported its 28% increase in quarterly half it thanks to stronger sales.

They introduced several new beauty brands.

Apple down nearly two percent.

The price target is down to 425. the firm says higher pricing and lower production rates will slow iphone sales.

Apple is down six percent after announcing those new products that clearly did not live up to expectations.

Number five, sony down slightly.

It is at 40 $2 million at smartphone sales.

They have been rolling out new products as an effort to recapture market share lost to rival samsung.

Remember the walkman, that was radically cool.

Radically heavy, i might add.

A great old cassette player.

The waterproof one i like.

I could make you a mix tape.

I would like that.

Up four percent.

And getting a much-needed boost on this news after reporting dismal second-quarter results and a pessimistic outlook in august.

Safely up six percent cut by hitting a high on an upgrade from credit suisse.

Raising the stock rating to outperform saying the new ceo robert edwards is open to considering all options.

Might that mean merger?

Number two, another upgrade.

Intel up three percent.

The biggest gain in the dow.

Intel may be able to increase its sale with power efficient chips.

Shares are up more than 13% this year.

Here we are coming up on our number one stock of the day.

Occidental petroleum down almost two percent on news the oil producer has been looking for suitors to take a minority stake in its middle east unit.

Occidental looks to sell a 40% stake for as much as $8 billion according to peoplethis friday afternoon.

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