The Top Ten Stocks for Sept. 11

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Sept. 11 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Trish Regan, Adam Johnson and Matt Miller report on today’s ten most important stocks including Facebook, GM and Dell. (Source: Bloomberg)

The top 10. news corporation shares are up more than 2%. southeastern has taken a 12% voting stake in the company.

I now own 23.8 million class -- they now own 23.8 million class a shares.

Cisco is up after announcing they will acquire a computer maker for $14 billion in cash and incentives, the latest of small acquisitions aimed at diversifying products.

Number eight, phillip morris is up 2.5%, raising their quarterly dividend by nearly 11%. they say the dividend will be paid on october 11. restoration hardware falling 12% after the company reported a second-quarter loss due to charges linked to stock awards.

As part of its turnaround, restoration hardware has been redesigning stores, revamping product and focusing on a higher-end market.

Texas instruments down about .5% as they narrow their fourth- quarter outlook.

They are zeroing in, but i have to tell you, i have my old hp 12 c, and that thing is now available on the iphone.

Texas instruments does the same.

Why the need separate things when you can get the app on the iphone?

There is a camera, also, apparently in the new iphone.

With a flash.

Disney -- number five, with a fifth "pirates of the caribbean movie -- caribbean." moby.

-- movie.

That is after the flop from "the lone ranger." did you see it?


you wonder about the timing hair.

-- timing here.

It is like wall street, what have you done for me lately.

Number four is ibm, up almost the most two percent, after going to share their customer business.

Number three, two stocks -- facebook, hitting an all-time high, and yahoo, which is down about 1%. mark zuckerberg and marissa mayer getting ready to take the stage at the disrupt conference happening.

Stay tuned for live coverage.

Disrupt is so yolo.

It is all about disruptive technology.

We will cover it on "bloomberg west." general motors is down as the canadian government is selling shares to bank of america and royal bank of canada.

The number one spot of the day, del.

They were dropped out of investment grade.

The intended effect of the flub in pc demand and the increased possibility that dell could soon go private.

There is the closing bell.

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