The Top Ten Stocks for Sept. 10

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Sept. 10 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Trish Regan, Adam Johnson and Julie Hyman report on today’s ten most important stocks including Tesla, Urban Outfitters and Apple. (Source: Bloomberg)

If you missed everything that happened in today's session, no need to worry.

Three stocks, goldman sachs, visa and nike are all up right now.

The makeup of the dow is getting a shakeup.

These three companies will replace bankamerica, alcoa and ac.

Conagra shares are down today as the food company revised its outlook for 2013. they now see earnings in the range of two dollars 38 cents.

Pennies matter in an economy like this.

Speaking of an economy like this, not only are people not buying food items, they are not buying clothing either.

Pva is down after the company issued a weak outlook for the year.

They are taking a cautious stance because of what they say are uncertain economic conditions.

Crocs dropping to the lowest price since november.

Crocs says sales in the american regions were lower than anticipated.

They are like our folk logs.

A good looking shoe.

-- like colorful clogs.

A good looking shoe.

The company has been recovering from marketing missteps.

Netflix has come a long way since then.

Reed hastings is rewarding customers with exclusive under original shows.

Quakes and dell has secured enough votes to approve of buyout.

That is according to a person familiar with the matter.

Billionaire activist investor carl icon dropped his opposition to the deal yesterday.

He sure did area -- or did.

. he thinks michael dell got away with a deal.

He faults the board for letting it happen but he is not going to stand in the way anymore.

Quakes he did make money, as he told you yesterday.

He did make some money on it.

Maybe he should take the money and run in this particular case.

What are you going to do?

I am sure he will figure out how to go on.

Any flight that lands safely is a good flight.

Any trade that ends positively is a good trade.

Blackberry says it has cut its sales force and moved some staff to the u.s. this news comes as the company struggles.

Tesla is up three percent today.

They are more bullish on the company's outlook.

Tesla also outlining european expansion plans a month after opening its first network for the model as in norway.

Urban outfitters stock is the worst performer on the s&p after saying its third quarter was weaker than expected.

Comparable store sales have been rising in a mid-single-digit rate.

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