The Top Ten Stocks for Oct. 8

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Oct. 8 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Trish Regan, Adam Johnson and Julie Hyman report on today’s ten most important stocks including Tower Group, McKesson and Facebook. (Source: Bloomberg)

Got up on all the stocks you need to know about.

At number 10 -- the company bears to report its third- quarter results after the market close.



It should give an idea of how kfc and taco bell are performing at home and abroad.

Amazon down five percent today.

They have a major battle with ibm over the cloud.

A federal judge ruled that amazon legitimately won the contract with cia.

John but jews.

Shares -- jamba juice.

Shares are down 18%. it had forecast growth of 4.6%. quite a cut there.

Number seven, the french equipment maker will release 1000 jobs as part of a cost- cutting plan.

It represents 14% of the global workforce.

And the aluminum producer, recently removed from the doubt, will report earnings after the close.

Analysts estimate the earnings at five percent per share.

They used to kick off earnings season, but now we don't care.

Jcpenney is up today.

They report and encouraging sales trend for september, and by encouraging, we mean that they were only down four percent.

They had ample liquidity at years end.

A the prior forecast was one point five billion.

They floated another 45% of stock, so no wonder they have that money.

They got a lot of help.

That middle-market department store, really having a tough time finding the customer.

People are going to walmart, target.

At you know what you are going to get a target.

Who knows what you will get at jcpenney?

They keep changing the offer.

Number four, avon, up a fraction as well.

The beauty product seller is starting to turn its business around and could surpass investor expectations.

Down 42%, reviewing a range of strategic options.

They are adding $365 million to the loss reserve.

That is painful.

Number two, the drugmaker in talks to buy a majority stake in its german competitor.

They have still failed to reach a deal with the holding company.

The number one stock of the day, and it is facebook.

The highflying tech stocks are seen as a barometer of risk.

Traders are getting a little nervous.

The big selloff today.

We are looking -- the dow jones industrial average closing down

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