The Top Ten Stocks for Oct. 7

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Oct. 7 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Trish Regan, Adam Johnson and Julie Hyman report on today’s ten most important stocks including Outerwall, Darling International and Cooper Tire. (Source: Bloomberg)

The only stocks we need to know about.

Number 10 is apple, gaining one percent.

Increasing its price target to the $600. the firm says including gross margins should help the business until the iphone six which is due out in september of next year.

At number nine, blackberry up, raising the stock to neutral from underperform as news on the fairfax bid continues to develop.

The firm maintains a $700 target.

The operator of dry bulk carriers planned to issue about $3 billion in stock.

The company says it's a bit opportunity to reduce some or all of its funding needs through 2014. number seven is ibm trade shares down about the role one percent.

Barclays downgrading them, citing concerns that ibm's cash flow may be effected as customers move to online-based software.

Qualcomm also getting a downgrade today as bank of america cuts the chipmaker to neutral from buy.

A sharp decline in revenue and earnings growth over the next few years as smartphone growth slows.

Number five is ford, shares down more than one percent.

For directors gathering this weekend likely to discuss alan mullally's future.

This comes as the ford ceo is being considered reportedly for the top job at microsoft.

And we've gotten mixed messages here.

He says he wants to stay at the automaker through 2014, but he has a history in seattle.

And we just learned from bill ford that he has no contract.

Maybe he is available.

It will be interesting.

Number four is deckard.

Warning third-quarter sales for the company's brands are below plan.

Companies say uggs are losing share as customers switch to campus boots.

The owner of red box jumping three percent after janice partners disclosed a 13.5% stake in the company.

They plan to enter talks for strategic alternatives.

We know what that means.

Number two is darling international cup of -- darling international, up two percent.

The acquisition will give them a business that operates through five continents.

We are coming up on our number one stock of the day -- copper tires sinking as apollo tires seeks to cut its offer to buy the company.

They say issues will -- a price reduction is warranted.

As we come up on the close, we are watching a market seeing a selloff accelerated into these final moments.

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