The Top Ten Stocks for Oct. 30

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Oct. 30 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Adam Johnson, Julie Hyman and Matt Miller report on today’s ten most important stocks including Western Union, GM and Facebook. (Source: Bloomberg)

To know.

I'm kicking it off with linked in.

Dropping nine percent as it issued disappointing sales forecast for the current quarter.

Number nine is yelp.

The stock is down about three percent.

A wider than estimate of third- quarter loss.

It lost $2.3 million during the quarter.

It also announced plans to sell 250 million dollars in stocks in a follow-up to its ipo last year.

Third-quarter profits plunged as it suffered from the shutdown in the gulf of mexico.

Has says it sees full-year production at the low end of guidance due to civil unrest in libya.

The home beverage company report third-quarter sales shy of analyst estimates.

Soda stream says revenue growth at 30% of the year.

But if you missed the estimates, it begs the question of whether you can grow at 30% or he -- a year.

I love soda stream.

Number six, buffalo wild wings up over nine percent.

Buffalo wild wings says its net income is up 67% on lower costs and improved revenue.

You use it to make lane seltzer water?


Why don't you just use any regular co2 partridge?

-- co2 cartridge?


miller, that is not green.

You could just use a soda bottle to make regular seltzer.

Oh, i see.

I thought you were saying to make a club soda.

Moving to number five, the videogame maker says a higher quarters profit on guest controls.

The firm raising its stock to a strong by with a price already at $33. this has your name all over it.

Tell us about the videogame.

My favorite video game that ea makes is tiger.


It is a golf game.

He is a professional golfer.

You may have heard of him.

Look at the graphics on that one.

That is incredible.

That makes me feel better that you like the tiger woods game better than the shooting game.

You, who prefer plain soda water as opposed to so -- as opposed to flavored.

Stocks will be due out after the market closes.

It should give more insight.

The coffee shop starbucks sales rising.

Western union posted a 20% drop in third-quarter profits.

They also expected no operating growth next year as it is flying around the world.

G.m. posted better third- quarter profits, better than analyst estimates.

There is the closing bell bringing us to number one.

Facebook down about 1%. investors will be focusing on signs that facebook will keep growing advertising revenue overseas and mobile, two ends that have to do.

We will figure that out as soon as the numbers cross.

This is a down market today in

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