The Top Ten Stocks for Oct. 3

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Oct. 3 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Trish Regan, Adam Johnson and Matt Miller report on today’s ten most important stocks including RadioShack, Vivus and Eli Lilly. (Source: Bloomberg)

10? united technologies.

The provider of engines to the military may furlough 5000 workers if the government shutdown continues into next month.

It gets 18% of its revenue from the government.

Number nine.

Wright eight -- rite-aid says growth in pharmacy sales offset a slight decline at the front of the store.

Number eight, -- albany -- honor tommy hilfiger will sell its stake to an apparel group for $50 million in cash.

They are shifting to more lifestyle brands like calvin klein.

Number seven, domino's pizza.

The firm cut its rate on domino's to perform from outperform, citing valuations and expectations for slowdown in growth.

Jcpenney, down three percent.

Jcpenney plans to introduce disney shops inside some of the stores.

They will be offering specially designed" toys, and children's apparel.

Number five, constellation brands.

The alcohol giant says second- quarter profits the analyst estimates, following its biggest ever acquisition.

They expect sales trends to improve the backup of the year as it rolls out new products and we get more drunk?

One of the ideas behind this company is they are really appealing to a group of young people who are very loyal to hire and rants.

-- higher end brands.

They have been rising two percent a year over the past several years.

That's kind of a big story.

It's always great to sell a product that is physically addictive.

It helps out.

Number four is blackberry.

Down three percent.

A bidding war may be brewing for the smart phone maker.

Fairfax financial already made an offer for the company last month.

Radioshack down nearly five percent today.

The retailer is seeking funds to support turnaround efforts.

The stock has felt like a turnaround effort forever.

One thing after another.

I have really cool stuff to buy.

They are a lot of fun, quirky wireless products.

Remote control cars.

Remote-control helicopters.


Number 2 -- dumping almost nine percent, the pharmaceutical company -- jumping almost nine percent, the pharmaceutical company raised to outperform.

All right, we hear the bell.

That brings us to our number one stock of the day.

That eli lilly, which plans to introduce new diabetes drug.

We are coming up on the final leg of the session, ending the

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