The Top Ten Stocks for Oct. 29

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Oct. 29 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Adam Johnson, Alix Steel and Matt Miller report on today’s ten most important stocks including Apple, Pfizer and IBM. (Source: Bloomberg)

Time for the top 10, starting off with sears, the retailer is considering separating its lands end catalog business as well as its auto center for the rest of the company, they continue planning on closing the rest of the unpopular stores.

They have got to raise cash.

Electronic arts, number nine, down after the bell, the gaming giant announcing it is saying goodbye to tiger woods.

They are ending their 15 year relationship with a mutual decision, reportedly.

Jetblue, reporting a 58% gain in third-quarter earnings, down nonetheless, saying they are ordering 35 airbus aircraft in a shift to a larger, more efficient lane.

That is of beautiful aircraft right there.

Ubs, dropping eight percent, reporting a profitable third- quarter, warning that settling the league -- settling litigation may would off profit goals moving forward.

Decisions in 2015 will be delayed by one year.

You like planes, i like shopping.

Michael cores, the fashion company will be added to the s&p 500 after friday's close.

It will replace exchange operator euro next in the index.

Number five, n q noble, soaring against short setter, carson block.

Saying that they are suing in china and the co-ceo told street smart about the allegations.

The allegations are all completely false.

We approach through transparency and are building an extremely amazing business globally, not just in china.

We have a global mobile platform company and muddy waters shows the growth in the business and the industry.

You know what is crazy about that?

While we were having that conversation last friday here on the show, the stock traded down about 12%, fast-forward a couple of days as people try to move forward, it could bounce back.

It is still half of where was.

Yahoo!, rising more than two percent as the stock outperforms with a price target of $40, citing the company's overseas holdings, they believe that alibaba is worth $24 per share and it is the yahoo!

Japan stake that is worth seven dollars per share.

Add it up and you want to own it . no surprise that the number three stock is apple, down two percent.

Forecasting the slowest holiday sales growth in half of a decade.

Their disappointing outlook reflects mounted pressure from samsung.

I tried to get a phone, desperately tried to get a phone this weekend and there were none.

32 on verizon, they did not know when they were going to get them or when it would happen.

So sorry.

Reporting third-quarter profits beating analyst estimates, they have been cutting costs.

[closing bell] i hear the applause, the drum, and our number one stock, ibm, leading the dow industrials as the company increases their size on a share buyback.

Ibm also declaring a regular dividend of $.94. there it is, you can see the s&p 500 up 10% today.

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