The Top Ten Stocks for Oct. 25

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Oct. 25 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Trish Regan, Adam Johnson and Matt Miller report on today’s ten most important stocks including Moody’s, Disney and Microsoft. (Source: Bloomberg)

We are getting you caught up.

It is time for top 10. amazon is up 9%, reporting a 24% jump in third-quarter revenue.

Cliffs natural resources up more than 6%, reporting third- quarter profit rising 23% on cost cutting and higher iron ore prices.

Cliffs makes those iron ore pellets necessary for steel.

Number eight is moody's, shares falling 2% after third- quarter revenue missed estimates and issued a disappointing earnings outlook.

Moody's says its net income was flat from a year ago.

Number seven, wynn resorts.

A third-quarter earnings number beat estimates.

The company says it made more money than expected in china.

Revenue soaring, gaining 19%. it is all about macau for a lot of these gaming companies that are lucky enough to be there.

Zynga jumping nearly 5%, posting a smaller than expected first-quarter loss.

Zynga says it cut 154 jobs and hired fewer outside contractors to offset shrinking revenue.

This is the first earnings report under the new ceo.

Disney moving up a fraction.

Mickey mouse is setting up shop in shanghai.

Disney plans to open a 5000 square foot store their in early 2015, the company's largest store globally and its first on the many land -- mainland.

It's a store.

[laughter] consumer products at disney cap for 7%. the arcs count for -- parks cou nt for 32%. you are a disney fan.

I am.

I like the parks.

What is it, magic kingdom?

He doesn't even know.

Disney, if you go with your husband and children, you are going to drop thousands of dollars.

You're not going to the store, are you?

All go into the store in the theme park, but probably will not go into the store.

[laughter] a 23% drop in third-quarter profits.

Decker is number four.

Ups is up 1%. the company beats estimates as it reports third-quarter net income of 1.1 billion dollars.

Ups is carrying more u.s. shipments at higher rates.

We will get more results from the company cfo coming up.

You heard chris verrone say the transports are doing for a well.

A spinoff of its performance chemicals unit plant.

Part of dupont's effort to boost value and focus on a higher market business.

That brings us to our number one stock, microsoft.

The software giant delivering profit that topped estimates.

The company reporting solid sales for xbox game consoles.

Here we are.

We had another record.

Up almost half a percent on the s&p. unstoppable here.

Dow jones industrial average

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