The Top Ten Stocks for Oct. 22

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Oct. 22 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Trish Regan, Adam Johnson and Matt Miller report on today’s ten most important stocks including Lockheed Martin, Delta Air Lines and Netflix. (Source: Bloomberg)

It is time for the top 10. number 10 is apple.

Apple trading flat right now as they reveal a new lighter tablet called the ipad air.

It weighs only one pound and will go on sale november 1 starting at 490 nine dollars.

That is pretty cool.

I may have to buy one.

Of this week the estimate.

It is cutting spending and seeking asset sales.

This is about $9 billion.

Number eight is radioshack.

You cannot buy the new ipad, but he almost 18% of the seven straight quarterly loss.

No investor really cares.

That is sad.

Number seven is whirlpool.

This is higher after raising the profit outlook.

Strong sales in europe.

They held them more than doubled their quarterly profits.

No kid more than two percent.

It introduces its first tablet.

They cost 400 and 99 bucks.

A kind of sounds like the ipad.

They will sell this initially in the u k and the u.s.. prices are the same.

It is 10.1. it is a little bit bigger.

Number five is even bigger.

Harley says third-quarter earnings rose 31%. this snapped up a lineup of new motorcycles introduced in august.

This is an american motorcycle manufacturer that has got some brand-new competition.

They have revived the brand a few years ago.

We will be joined by the ceo a little later.

They have not battled another maker really for decades.

That is right.

We look forward to talking to him shortly.

The company's first-quarter profit fell and dealt with weaker handbag sales.

They have been trying to reinvent itself as a lifestyle brand.

All of that rising competition.

Lockheed martin is up 4% today.

Lockheed has emerged relatively unscathed from the pentagon budget cuts last quarter.

Look at that.

Its is different.

D is up 30%. they beat estimates.

They fell more than a billion dollars.

A pay little bit extra.

We are coming up on their number one stock of the day.

It is netflix.

Netflix dropping almost nine percent as the ceo warned against this.

This comes after they beat earnings estimates.

You have the s&p moving higher by roughly 10 points.

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