The Top Ten Stocks for Oct. 21

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Oct. 21 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Trish Regan, Adam Johnson and Matt Miller report on today’s ten most important stocks including Halliburton, VF Corp. and Netflix. (Source: Bloomberg)

Only stocks you need to know about today.

Number 10, jpmorgan trading flat.

Reaching the $13 billion agreement to end civil claims over mortgage bonds.

This would be the largest amount paid by a financial firm in a settlement with the u.s. ever.

That is a big settlement.

Only a financial firm?

Coming up on bp.

Still a higher number.

Texas instruments up a fraction.

Reporting third-quarter results after the bell.

Analysts surveyed are expecting a profit of $.53 per share on revenue of 3.2 billion.

Those numbers coming up.

Telephone up number eight.

-- number eight.

They will sell to crown counsel or 8.9 billion dollars.

This makes at&t the latest carrier to offload the latest in the past decade.

Carrier has been doing this ever since then.

Number seven, web m.d., dumping nearly 11% him up by him back shares from the largest shareholder, carl icahn.

They will pay 100 $77 million to repurchase the 5 million shares held by carl icahn and affiliates.

Goodbye, mr.

Carl icahn.

Web m.d. is free.

He is very busy these days.

Hasbro up five percent.

What -- one of the biggest gainers in the s&p 500. third it will -- third-quarter net income of 17% on international sales and strength in girls toys domestically.

Number five is starbucks up slightly.

Controversy is brewing for the coffee chain as it fixes criticism in china over higher prices.

Starbucks says every market is unique and charges too much for coffee no matter where you are.

Everyone thinks starbucks coffee is overpriced.

I have not gotten one in a while.

The lines are just too long downstairs.

I went down the other day, i've dollars $.99, something crazy.

It was not even the big giant size.

In china, it cost too much, too.

Number four, jcpenney volleying more than eight percent.

Cutting the price target on the retailer for a dollar -- citing concerns they may have a financial restructuring here.

Halliburton dropping three percent.

They see strong international operations, but sluggish growth right here.

Number two, the maker of north they -- north face clothing.

The f says its profit was driven by strong sales come a outdoor and action sports brands will stop what a great motive.

Have you ever had vans shoes?

I was a fan of the movie "fast times at ridgemont high." but i've never worn them myself [closing bell] the number one stock of the day, netflix.

It is up six percent ahead of its earning report.

Keep it right here on bloomberg tv for full coverage of those results.

They are just moments away.

We are looking at the s&p

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