The Top Ten Stocks for Oct. 2

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Oct. 2 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Trish Regan, Adam Johnson and Matt Miller report on today’s ten most important stocks including Alcoa, Microsoft and Monsanto. (Source: Bloomberg)

Need to know about.

Number 10, empire state realty, gaining more than one percent after raising 900 $20 million in its ipo.

They own the empire state building and 11 other copies in new york and connecticut.

The maker of architectural and engineering software says that doing will rise 12% through 2018. last month they introduced subscription versions of its most expensive software.

Global payments rising more than 12% with a share reach purchase plan up nearly 40%. kraft foods, number seven.

Five percent, another 5250. is that right?

Sign me up.

There we go.

Kraft says the dividend will be paid on october 26. shareholders were there on record.

Sounds like we still have a few moments.

A couple weeks.

Pandora, jumping on growth, saying that they rose 18%, nearly 1.4 billion.

Meanwhile the total number of listeners jumps in this case 25% , 72 .7 million.

I am one of them.

Are you one of them?


I wanted to count people that listen but do not want to.

Like secondhand listening echo that is dangerous.

Number 5, 6%, technology slowdown, the stock in overdrive, it did not stop analysts from downgrading shares to neutral from outperform with several milestones ahead.

You must have like hearing that.

I know that you are actually skeptical.

I am a huge fan, but is tesla a $20 million company in this niche market?

You know -- that's right.

You can rent them from hertz at the lax airport now.

$500 per day.

No problem.

Number four, black hairy, trading up.

Imagine that.

What do you know, the smartphone maker is expected to take $400 million in charges through the end of the year after $100 million where the charges were part of the restructuring plan that were 40%. at least we are talking about it erie it i have to tell you, i like the keyboard.

I like the keyboard.

The auto spell thing echo you are preaching to the choir on that one.

They are it he got booted on the dow jones.

Microsoft, the company is considering -- [laughter] are we still doing this he echo according to people familiar with the matter?

You know.

Kate hudson is my next girlfriend.

That is the problem for growth.

He likes it at ford, does not want to go anywhere.

We are going to talk about that next, but we have a closing bell to get to.

Monsanto, down two percent.

Came in below estimate.

Also announcing that they will acquire their corporation for data science companies in cash.

We are closing out the day here and we are closing, certainly,

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