The Top Ten Stocks for Oct. 17

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Oct. 17 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Trish Regan, Adam Johnson and Alix Steel report on today’s ten most important stocks including AMR, Chipotle and IBM. (Source: Bloomberg)


Tempora top 10. number 10, gogol down one percent ahead of the third- quarter earnings report due out after the bell.

This is further insight into the effort to reduce advertising prices.

Full results coming out for you.

Sandisk jumping nine percent.

Being upgraded to a strong buy.

This upgrade comes as sandisk reports third-quarter earnings that more than tripled and offered guidance they came in above analyst estimates.

Looking at peabody energy.

You do not hear that very often.

This is used to create electricity in the drop in mining price.

Instead of raising it, driving shares down.

American express up five percent today.

The biggest intraday gains its december.

The credit card lender reports third-quarter profits that beat estimates.

Number five, amazon.

Trading pretty flat.

They have been in talks with htc for the past few months.

This is according to people familiar with the talks.

Has not decided if they will proceed with production of the handset.

No plans for a phone this year.

If it is, it will not be free.

I am not sure.

There was talk of a facebook phone.

Did not get it.

I am not sure what any of these companies accomplished by having their own found?

The instant video, they want that on as many handsets as possible.

You can create an app and put them on whatever phone you want.

Is the handset market, the french profit margin.

Maybe they should create a bloomberg found?

Likes good idea.

-- bloomberg phone.

Let's do this.

Number four, verizon gaining almost four percent.

Reported earnings and revenue that beat wall street estimates.

The number of iphones was up 25% from a year ago.

That is impressive.

Amr rising nine percent as it leaves the earnings report for u.s. carriers.

The parent company of american airlines says it earned $239 million.

That is a turnaround from a loss of 238 million a year ago.

Number two, chipotle.

Up a fraction ahead of fourth earnings results ahead of the earnings fell.

Anticipating earnings of two dollars 78 per share.

-- anticipating earnings of $2.78 per share.

Wrecks getting to the number one stock of the day, ibm.

-- getting to the number one stock of the day, ibm.

Dropping the most since roles april.

This is really taking a toll on the doubt here.

Ibm accounting for 80 points.

It will he raise 80 points from the tao.

We are closing lower on the tao.

That is not really the story of the market.

You have an s&p that has now set

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