The Top Ten Stocks for Oct. 11

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Oct. 11 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Trish Regan, Adam Johnson and Matt Miller report on today’s ten most important stocks including Spirit Airlines, BlackBerry and Wells Fargo. (Source: Bloomberg)

If you missed everything that happened during today's session, do not worry.

We're getting you caught up on the only stocks you need to know about.

Safeway rising almost 7%. the grocery store operator announcing it plans to exit the chicago market early next year.

Safeway will still -- sell it stores allowing it to focus on its more profitable business.

The nation's largest maker of memory chips reported sales that topped estimates.

They say higher average prices helped to make up for lackluster pc demand shares.

Number eight is surging about 6% after they raised the sales forecast.

Sales momentum has strengthened after adding european clients.

They are looking to boost efficiency by outsourcing work.

Number seven is ethan allen bolling more than 5% as revenue is likely to come in below wall street estimates.

The ceo said some clearance sales hurt the quarterly growth margins while backlog limits product delivery.

That is some fine looking furniture.

Spirit airlines is up 14% soaring to a record as they lifted the third-quarter outlook.

Are you a customer?

Soaring to a record was good.

Kind of clever.

Traffic is up 29% versus last year.

Another company i'm not a customer of, blackberry down 1%. they have hired goldman sachs to help explore a bid for the company and compete with a bid from fairfax financial.

They're seeking partners to help finance a buyout.

They want to try to get $57 together to buy the company.

[laughter] that is not per-share.

That is gross.

In their defense, they have the messenger service and the keyboard.

They have a keyboard.

There are 70 million users.

And dwindling.

We have had a number of different investors come on the show.

I believe jonathan geller tried to put a number on it.

There is three dollars billion roughly on the cash she -- there is $3 billion roughly on the cash she.

Kb homes upgraded from neutral to positive.

Fundamentally, a homebuilder traffic and orders have shown resilience in late summer and early fall.

Tesoro up nearly 4%. they have the largest spill since the drilling boom started in 2006. they say the oil has been contained.

The stock is up 4% on that.

Gap reported a 3% drop in sales in september.

Sterne agee says the september for four months was the worst in nearly two years as traffic slowed sharply.

The number one stock of the day is wells fargo.

It is down a fraction after beating estimates and seeing revenue slip more than expected.

We have an interview coming up with the cfo moments away.

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