The Top Ten Stocks for Oct. 10

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Oct. 10 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Trish Regan, Adam Johnson and Matt Miller report on today’s ten most important stocks including Best Buy, Netflix and Teva. (Source: Bloomberg)

Down almost one percent as it rejects a cash takeover offer from joseph a banks.

Men's wearhouse is a bit undervalues the company and wasn't in the interest of investors.

It's also adopting a poison filled plan.

Citric is dropping, warning investors its third-quarter revenue will miss estimates.

The ceo says he is disappointed by the results that is competent about the company's strategy.

Number eight is tvr, jumping 11%, they are being bought i regency partners.

The transaction is expected to close in the first quarter and will expand their national gas transport and they also have positive things to say.

Number seven is a gilead, up six percent after the biotech company reported successful results from its trial of an experimental cancer treatment.

Patients benefited enough from the study.

Office epo and officemax are up, raising its rates on the two stocks to buy.

The firm says merger-related savings should continue to grow as soon as the retailers close on their detail -- they agreed to a merger back in february.

Number five is elle brands, the owner of victoria's secret.

Company says sales opened in stores at least a year fell short of estimates of a two percent increase.

They've been forced to be more promotional him it's sluggish tract if -- sluggish traffic and a horrible name change.

The companies whose products you're looking at right now, that was the weak link area that is hard to believe.

I think it's lost some of its luster after they changed their name from limited rents which sounds exclusive.

I think they are looking for the next new thing.

Isn't it considered a cheaper how the lower shelf product?

You have all of these higher and -- really?

Matt miller -- how do you know that?

I just know.

I don't want to know how you know that.

Climbing two percent after its company approved the buyback.

They will fund repurchases through available cash, futures and operations.

Best buy shares up seven percent, gaining the most in seven weeks.

The retailers u.s. same-store sales this quarter tracking about wall street's estimates.

Best buy's talk up 230% this year.

The ceo is on fire.

Netflix, off about 5.7%. the firm says netflix should be a primary beneficiary of the rapid growth of internet video over the next several years.

Our number one stock of the day, up 7%. a plan to eliminate five thousand employees, mostly by the end of next year.

What a day.

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