The Top Ten Stocks for Oct. 1

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Oct. 1 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Adam Johnson, Julie Hyman and Trish Regan report on today’s ten most important stocks including Google, GM, Ford and Walgreen. (Source: Bloomberg)

They're hiring 70,000 seasonal workers around the usa.

Amazon says it is an increase of 40% over last year's 50,000 workers.

Let's get back to the economy.

Diamond foods down nearly 10% today.

They predict the results will be hurt by costs associated with the relaunch of emerald nuts and a reduced supply of walnuts.

It is up more than three percent after it settled a lawsuit against the month.

It is a casual sex matchmaking app.

They have to acknowledge this.

Are you -- they raise the ratings and price target for the led.

It is citing better ones.

I think it is the upgrade.

They were risen from 77 to 56. footwear, womenswear, and product innovation will drive sales in north america.

Number five is dell.

They clear its final regulatory hurdle.

The deal to take it private has the regulatory clearances.

They are expected to close before the end of the day.

Finally it is over.

I guess karl lost that round.

He made money.

He made money.

Now he doesn't try to operate a business whose sales are declining somewhere between 10% and 15%. they raised it to 370 bucks.

It makes it one of the highest.

There is increasing confidence.

Management is reed hastings.


The google is up eight percent.

They will not be challenged by antitrust regulators.

Google announced it was buying ways to deal with $1.1 billion.

We have general motors which is down after they were both reporting u.s. sales.

This is compared with a year ago.

The sales rose 6%. the drugstore chain reported an increase.

They have been tracking this to improve the selection.

Here we are on the close of trading on the first day of the

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