The Top Ten Stocks for Nov. 7

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Nov. 7 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Trish Regan, Matt Miller and Olivia Sterns report on today’s ten most important stocks including Toll Brothers, Tesla and Twitter. (Source: Bloomberg)

Need to know.

It's time for your top 10. number 10, walt disney.

Analysts surveyed by bloomberg are looking for etf's of $.76 on revenues of $11.4 billion.

We will bring you full coverage of disney and get instant reaction from bob eiger, ceo.

Number nine, qualcomm.

First-quarter sales forecast that may fall short of analysts' estimates.

Number eight, solar city, another elon musk company dropping 16% today as the company predicts a larger than expected loss in the fourth quarter, a loss of as much as $.65 a share for the final three months of this year compared to the average estimate of $.54 a share.

Number seven, whole foods.

Shares falling after saying that 2014 profit will be less than previously forecast.

Whole foods is facing increasing competition from organic and natural food sellers, including fairway.

I love fairway.

It is fantastic.

Great steaks upstairs.

Better deals.

Number six is groupon, down 4%, head of its third-quarter earnings report.

Analyst at goldman sachs and he states groupon results will modestly exceed estimates.

Those results are coming up later.

Number five, jcpenney.

I can't believe i'm saying this -- rising 5%, the retailer posting its first gain in sales, monthly sales in almost two years.

Ceo mike ullman has redistributed sales events.

This is very good news.

They are just giving it away to customers to get them to come in the door and buy stuff.

You've got to get those customers back.

They lost so many people.

Think about not having a monthly gain in revenue in two years.

Let's put it in perspective, sales were up 9/10 of one percent in october.

This is not gangbusters.

We will take it.

Let's do that.

Number four, american eagle, now expected earnings 19 chance -- $.19 per share.

Number three.

Number two, tesla.

Another model s sedan caught fire yesterday.

This is bad.

You cannot have your car catching on fire.

It is the third fire on the model s. we are getting to our number one stock of the day.

It is twitter.

Twitter priced 70 million shares at $26 in its ipo yesterday.

Shares began trading 70% above that level this morning.

First print, $45. we have got some market closing at its worst level since october.

23 points were lost on the s&p,

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