The Top Ten Stocks for Nov. 29

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Nov. 29 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Adam Johnson and Trish Regan report on today’s ten most important stocks including Exxon Mobil, GM and Macy's. (Source: Bloomberg)


Number 10 is amazon, getting more than eight percent livestrong thanksgiving sales on the website as an early blitz of holiday -- amazon's same store sales were up 45% on thanksgiving day.

People were shopping.

They were not watching the all or eating.

Maybe they were watching football and shopping.


Exxon, shares are down a fraction.

They sold a stake in one of the rock -- onoe e of iraq's oil fields to a chinese company.

We have seen approximations at $3 million.

Number eight, shares of the chinese social networking company following.

They reported a wider than expected loss.

Lowering the price target.

Wells fargo believes the executive is departing on good terms.

But the company could face sales turnover of next edition issues over the next several quarters.

General motors down nearly 1% after the company replaces its president and china.

It was outsold by volkswagen and three of the past four quarters.

Hewlett-packard flat today despite the fact that the government has hired hp to run health data centers, replacing horizon.

The administration works to meet in november 30 deadline for replacing the dead -- replacing the website.

Someone had to take the hit.

It has been a disaster.

It continues to be a real problem.

We will watch that one.

Moving on to number 4 -- target.

Target is down about one percent even as the retailer says black friday sales got off to a strong start.

Target sees two times as many orders on its website than it did last year.

Hot items, the apple ipad, the big screen tv's, and the robotic dog.

People want them.

Number three, apple rising almost 2%. they sold 3 out of every 4 smartphones in japan after they country's largest carrier started offering the iphone.

The company has 76% of smartphone sales in the country in october.

Archer daniels midland shares following -- following after the australian government rejected a proposed buyout, saying it would impede access to grain storage and distribution.

Number one stock of the day -- on this day after thanksgiving, macy's. down more than zero point five percent.

The ceo says 50,000 shoppers waited to enter the herald square store in new york.

They waited outside in the freezing cold.

It is actually three times the size of the town i grew up in.

To get into macy's. that is up from 11,000 admin night a year earlier.

This is the first time you heard the closing bell.

The market ended the day off 12

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