The Top Ten Stocks for Nov. 27

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Nov. 27 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Adam Johnson and Trish Regan report on today’s ten most important stocks including TiVo, Intel and CVS Caremark. (Source: Bloomberg)

Time for your top 10. number 10, hewlett-packard topping estimates, with meg whitman getting boosts in her turnaround efforts to start the quarter snapping up technology products.

Pnc holdings is up after announcing that their board authorized a $5 million buyback with authorization effective immediately, saying that all authorizations have been completed.

It really works these days.

Number eight, johnson & johnson, they may pay up to $1 billion to cover the medical costs of moving during a settlement announced last week according to a lawyer involved in the case.

Analog devices, shares are down three percent today, their first-quarter outlook falling short of analyst estimates, saying that adjusted earnings will be somewhere between 44% and 50% in the first quarter with the average and 56. the first one to go down.

What about burger king?

Are are you a mcdonald's guy?

I.e. the mcrib at mcdonald's -- i.e. to the mcrib at mcdonald's, and i know it is seasonal, -- i.e. -- i eat the mcrib at mcdonald's, i know it is a seasonal thing.

The fast food chain taking on mcdonald's with a new joint venture in france, burger king is looking to accelerate their expansion into the country, opening a fourth location there in december, so adam johnson the next time he is there, he will not be going.

Why would i? why mess with a good thing?

What do they call the big mac in france?

What do they call it?

The royal?

Take that, burger king.

[laughter] all right, number five, disney is down.

Fueled by "thor, the dark world." crocs, up two percent today, looking to buyout firms, including blackstone, according to people with knowledge of the matter, attempting to regain their footing as talks of popularity and sales suffer from knockoffs.

I have to say, i have never been a believer.

I am not surprised, knowing what i know about you.

That i do not like to wear uncomfortable rubber shoes on my feet?

I would believe that, mario batali likes to wear them.

That is right.

Even though the company posted third-quarter profits above estimates, results were driven by an increase in subscriptions to its advanced set-top boxes introduced in august.

Intel, despite getting a downgrade, the firm is cutting the stocks in the sector from perform to outperform, saying that untapped potential will likely remain that way for a few more years with service over expanding efforts for the tablets.

Look, either you are apple or you are anyone else.

There's the bell.

The biggest sale in five years, they said the deal will make them more competitive and enable them to provide services to its customers.

There you go.

The close of trade with the s and p at a new high and santa

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