The Top Ten Stocks for Nov. 26

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Nov. 26 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Adam Johnson, Trish Regan and Matt Miller report on today’s ten most important stocks including PulteGroup, Lennar and Hewlett-Packard. (Source: Bloomberg)

Number 10, tiffany's, reporting third quarter earnings that surpassed estimates and boosted profit forecast for the year, benefiting from price increases and falling precious metal costs.

You just love those diamonds, don't you.

They are very good-looking.

Tivo is up a fraction after the company prepares to release its third results -- quarter results.

Stay tuned for those results.

Number eight is nuanced.

Shares on jaffa the first quarter and profit outlooks for next year fell short of estimates.

They have been struggling to hold onto pricing in the handset business, not all due to the stupid name.

[laughter] nuanced?

Is that a good name -- slightly different?

Shoes, dsw down after third quarter earnings were in line with rapid -- estimates the revenue disappointed the street.

Greenlight capital, they have taken a $400 million taking a memory chip maker, micron.

Number five, barnes & noble dropping nearly 6%, swinging into a second-quarter profit, but posting second-quarter sales that missed estimates.

They have invested heavily in the nook e-reader and digital library.

They have lost out to the amazon kindle.

And the ipad.

Which barnes & noble is that?

The one at union square.

They still have bricks and mortar store open -- stores open?

Alix steel goes to them all the time.

Why use the internet?

Ceo of jcpenney, mike ullman, has bought stocks.

Hormel foods rising after its acquisition of skippy.

They have had improving revenue for three years.

Number two, two stocks, lennar and pulte homes, surging on upbeat news from the housing industry.

That house prices increase is the biggest since february, two thousand six and permits rose to a five-year high.

Our number one stock, hp, ahead of its earnings report a couple of minutes from now.

Investors are looking at how hp is progressing with its turnaround.

Keep it right here.

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