The Top Ten Stocks for Nov. 25

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Nov. 25 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Adam Johnson, Trish Regan and Matt Miller report on today’s ten most important stocks including Finish Line, Blackstone and Wal-Mart. (Source: Bloomberg)

Only stocks you need to know about.

Number 10, jcpenney's. of more than three percent despite being booted them the s&p 500 due to falling market value.

It will be replaced by a provider of mechanical and -- mechanical and electronic security products.

Alcala up as they are raised from neutral to buy.

Raising the price targets as well.

The firm believes alcoa is underappreciated.

Adding 2 billion in revenue over the next three years.

Number eight, davista shares rising.

9.4% to medicare has been scrapped.

They provide help to patients with renal disease and kidney failure.

Of mobile chipmaker being investigated for possible violation of the anti-monopoly law.

Qualcomm says pacific details are confidential.

Caterpillar, shares of nearly two percent as bank of america raises the stock from buy to neutral.

Generators are what we're talking about.

An overlooked source of operating income and will drive earnings next year.

Number five, microsoft.

The software giant says the new gaming console is sold out of most retailers.

Day one sales topped one million units in less than 24 hours, beating sales of xbox read 60 and setting a new record for the company.

I own it.

I bought one.

We had to buy one in order to use it.

On friday you played all day.

You absolutely owned it.

I would wager there are some viewers that went out and bought one because they saw you playing it.

The week before i tested out the sony ps4. it is a huge interest-rate.

There is a title, grand theft auto five came out a couple of months ago.

They sold $800 million of the game in the first 20 four hours.

Those games are for the old system so they will not work on the xbox one.

Number four is nielsen.

They have agreed to by harrison retford for about $117 million.

It will add existing capabilities and provide growth opportunities and other industry or's. -- line up one percent as the athletic shoe retailer finds a little love on the street.

Analysts are citing urgent recovery and stronger online performance.

Susquehanna raises them to a positive.

Number two, blackstone shares gaining three percent.

They plan to file for an ipo with locking tough -- la quinta rather than sell in the private market.

Coming up for the number one stock of the day, shares of walmart up more than half a percent right now amid changes at the retailer.

Doug macmillan succeeding mike duke when he retires next year.


They want to see growth at home and of course abroad.

Here we are at the close of trading with the dow jones industrial average up once again

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