The Top Ten Stocks for Nov. 15

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Nov. 15 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Adam Johnson, Trish Regan and Julie Hyman report on today’s ten most important stocks including Exxon Mobil, FedEx, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. (Source: Bloomberg)

Happened during today'session, do not worry.

The only sauce you need to know about today.

It is time for top 10. number 10, up almost one percent.

The company is dropping its cash takeover bid for men's wearhouse after its larger rival declined to start negotiations.

The chairman of the bank says he is evaluating new takeover targets for the company.

Qwest the maker of kleenex tissues and huggies diapers plans to spin off -- 1.6 billion dollars in annual sales.

Number eight is vande.

Shares are soaring about 12% after the drug company won the backing of fda visors for its experimental sleep measures.

It helps blind people combat a sleep disorder.

Qwest number seven down one percent, the retailer reporting third-quarter profits almost seven percent.

It usually boosts sales, held earlier in the year.

Results still beat the street.

Companies waste -- the lower percent of its earnings.

These shares are down about two percent today as wpp group says it is not planning a takeover of the other ad company.

Ever since publicists set in july, they plan to merge, questions emerge about how it will respond as the industry consolidates.

Qwest number five is sony.

Down half a percent.

The video game console, playstation four, hit u.s. stores today.

The first gaming system debut in seven years and it comes one week ahead of microsoft.

A big release of its new pricier xbox, one device which goes on sale next friday.

We are missing our in-house gaming expert.

Qwest that is true.

I do believe you have rudimentary knowledge of the gaming world.


Every time we play, he crushes me.

I did not realize you play with him.

Do you have a preferred console?

Call of duty is unbelievable.

I have no clue.

Another thing adam likes a lot these days is pandora.

Jumping seven percent as jpmorgan boosts its price target . the firm believes pandora is approaching an inflection point in monetization.

I do not know.

It is interesting when you look at its competitor, spotify, and the idea you can get all of the move -- music off-line from spotify.

Similar price points.

A nice thing about pandora versus spotify, pandora does the work for you.

Spotify -- spotify does as well.

I am getting the point where i am tired of maintaining all these things.

You have two maintain facebook, twitter, linkedin.

I do not need another thing i have to maintain.

I would argue you do not have to maintain spotify or pandora.

Pandora is easy.

Spotify as well.

It will play from the radio songs that are similar to the one you like.

I will get you into it.

All right.

Shares rising about two percent.

Warren buffett berkshire hathaway -- 3.7 billion dollars.

This is buffett's largest holding since ibm, which he got into back in 2011. also learning from the -- that fedex is climbing one percent after george soros took positions in the companies, proposing new stakes and rally for four state days.

You hear the closing bell.

Ok, you hear the closing bell.

Bill ackman pushes stakes nearly 10% in each companies.

They might seek talks with

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