The Top Ten Stocks for Monday, November 18

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Nov. 18 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Betty Liu, Scarlet Fu and Alix Steel report on today's ten most important stocks including Cell Therapeutics, JinkoSolar Holding, and Boeing. They speak on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop."

About today.

Alix steel joins in as well.

Let's start with number 10. general motors.

They have become the top midsized truck seller in the u.s.. they're looking to change all that.

They stopped building a midsize truck.

They are returning with the chevy colorado, set to debut this week.

Number nine, south therapeutic.

In a new sec filing, cell therapeutic will get payments from baxter -- $67 million.

Walter energy.

It looks more precarious versus base metals.

It was downgraded to neutral.

Number seven, jing goes to -- jinkosolar.

They raised their shipment forecast for the year, citing opportunities in the u.s. and in various markets overseas.

Jcpenney, the ailing retailer looking to win back the hearts of consumers this holiday season with a new marketing campaign.

It is set to kick off this week.

They are hoping the six straight weeks of promotion will help to build onto an october that saw nearly 1% jump in sales.

General electric is number five.

They plan to lift output by more than 10% by 2019 as they seek to satisfy growing demand.

They stand to benefit from higher output of boeing 737s. they are the exclusive engine provider.

Number four is sony.

They sold more than one million playstation for video gaming consoles are the first 24 hours of sales.

Did you get your yes for -- ps4? they try to make the videogame console the centerpiece of a corporate turnaround.

Google is number three.

They're going bricks and mortar.

They're opening showrooms in six u.s. cities.

They're promoting the latest products at winter wonder labs.

They step up retail efforts against apple and microsoft as the holiday shopping season gets underway.

Speaking of microsoft, that is the number two stock we're watching.

Shares are falling.

The firm said microsoft's recent gains driven by optimism by a new ceo exposes investors.

The number one is boeing, the aircraft maker is officially unveiled the next generation 7 77x jet at the dubai air show.

They have already received bookings for $95 billion from four separate airlines.

It is time for the call on the markets.

I want to bring back tom lee, the chief u.s. equity strategist at j.p. morgan.

He says financials are the reason why.

Tom, why exactly tech and financials are the reason for this 50 point increase?

Moving into year-end, we think investors are going to be buying quality at a reasonable price.

I think they will end up looking at a lot of things like tech and financial areas where there is room for multiple expansion and decent visibility and those to happen to be the cheapest.

Why did you boost it now?

Our previous target 1775.

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