The Top Ten Stocks for Monday, November 11

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Nov. 11 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Betty Liu, Julie Hyman and Olivia Sterns report on today's ten most important stocks including Shire, ImmunoGen, and Amazon. They speak on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop."

Olivia sterns joins and.

Number 10, best buy.

Seeing some analysts action this morning.

Best buy was upgraded by ubs to a buy rating.

Its target on shares was raised to $40 -- $250 from $40 -- to $ 50. shire, the u.k. drug company agreeing to buy viropharma.

Less independence on its best- selling pill for adhd.

They will pay $50 a share in cash.

Rocket fuel, the tech company searching after bml capital market upgraded the stock to outperform.

This follows a 20% decline and better than earning -- that are early earnings.

Number seven, transocean, the rig contractor agrees to pay dividends after treasure from carl icahn.

It will offer shareholders a vote on a three dollar payout.

Immunogen was just downgraded in morgan stanley to underweight from equal right.

Slashing shares due to the failure of its cancer drug and increased risk profile.

Number five, boeing, a japan airlines boeing 787 had a battery glitch on one of its flights.

Two cases earlier this year led to groundings.

Number four, facebook.

As twitter rebels and success, the world's biggest -- revels in its success, the world's biggest social network repairs to roll out a tool designed to make it easier for celebrities to interact with followers.

Novartis announces it will sell part of its diagnostics business to a spanish company for $1.8 billion in cash, part of a strategic review.

Number two is apple.

Curves might be in, developing new iphones with curved glass and enhance sensors that can detect pressure.

This is according to a person familiar with the company's plan.

Number one, amazon announcing it is teaming up with the u.s. to offer sunday delivery.

Customers in new york and l i can start choosing sunday delivery at no extra cost, starting this week.

The service will expand to other cities throughout the year.

Imagine that, getting your packages delivered on sunday.

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