The Top Ten Stocks for Monday, May 19

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May 19 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Betty Liu, Scarlet Fu, and Alix Steel report on today's ten most important stocks on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop."

10. these are the only trade you need to know about.

Alix steel joins us.

Number 10, solar city.

Elon musk's shares are lower now.

They are resisting the adoption of battery storage while musk says he sees a need for many giga factories to supply storage devices to solarcity.

Avon products.

Trading is higher this morning.

Company -- the company is moving into brazil with fellow makeup giant, cody.


Shares are pulling back slightly from friday's rally, following the fcc's decision for internet fast lanes.

Shares of campbell soup are lower ahead of the bell after revenue came in below forecasts.

Sales will grow three percent.

That was down from about four percent to five percent.

Wwe, shares are in recovery after taking a beat down on friday when it fell as much as 48%. investors are not pleased with its new tv deal.


Shares of the cruise ship operator are lower ahead of the bell.

They doing more business in china, being the first global cruise company, the industry's fastest-growing market.


They saw its first profit decline in five years.

Michael o'leary was "in the loop" with me and expect to return to profitability by chasing business passengers.

Go go.

The company behind in-flight wi-fi service.

The firm said they purchased additional shares last week.

At&t and its purchase of directv.

The deal gives at&t a satellite-tv provider to go along with its phone, wireless, and broadband services.

Shares of at&t are slightly lower and directv is flat.

Number one, pfizer, trading slightly higher after astrazeneca rejected its suppose it final offer of $117 billion.

It was a stalemate over a deal that would create the world's largest drugmaker.

Don't meet dell -- don't miss astrazeneca's chairman.

Be sure to tune in for that.

A top story that we have been following all morning long in washington.

The u.s. justice department will announce the first criminal

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