The Top Ten Stocks for Monday, May 12

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May 12 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Betty Liu, Olivia Sterns, and Alix Steel report on today's ten most important stocks on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop."


We will be on the markets again in 30 minutes.

Questec you so much.

A countdown to the top 10. alix steel joins in as well.

Number 10 on facebook, the social networking company has killed.

Rivals to snapchat and instagram.

Release before facebook launched in january.

The department past new developed -- developing new apps.

Number nine is the bio pharma co.

Company announcing topline results from a free trial of its -- it is preparing to resent to the fda.

Samsung electronics.

The smartphone maker enlisting at least $2 billion in pharmaceuticals.

It is targeting the growth, cheaper versions of brand-name drugs.

Number seven is general motors.

The company was ranked the worst big automaker by u.s. suppliers by a new study by planning perspectives.

Jim received low marks on several key measures including trustworthiness.


Increased public scrutiny.

He will be questioned by lawmakers on his commitment to the u.k.. he has been summoned by several parliamentary midis to testify on his $160 billion bid for the company.

Number five is american tankers.

The company ended its losing streak, returning to profit in the first quarter for the first time in four years.

In north american tanker also said that after several years of weakness and recovering in the -- recovering, -- the tanking market -- new front liners for its next ceo to succeed.

According to the wall street journal, directors have narrowed the field of internal candidates to two executives.

And number three, allegan.

It is saying it is up tangibly undervalued the company.

And the number two stock is twitter.

Shares of the microblogging site are getting nearly four percent in premarket after suntrust upgraded the company from neutral to buy.

But lowered its price target from $50 to $45. the stock fell eight semi sweet committed lockup expiring.

-- eight percent last week amid its lack of expiring.

And number one, wilshire brands, which owns companies -- other food companies.

Our next guest says there is value to be had in the market.

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