The Top Ten Stocks for Monday, March 10

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March 10 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Betty Liu, Scarlet Fu, and Julie Hyman report on today's ten most important stocks on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop."

You need to know about.

At number 10, dreamworks animation.

This is the studio behind "shrek" and "mr.

Peabody and sherman." the movie still lost out on the top slot in north american theaters.

The warner bros.

Action movie "300: rise of an empire." " was number one.

. panera will introduce a new sandwich.

They are going to have an alternate flour.

Number eight is fuel cell energy.

Their earnings will report after today's close.

They will continue to rally on fuel cells and clean up battery fuels.

We have seen a big rally in these stocks recently.

At number seven, the chinese online fashion retailer is jumping on a seven percent last week.

It's gains are up since going public last year.

They use the same business model as tj maxx.

Their sales will double.

Number six, united rental.

This is the world's largest rental company.

They have 800 million dollars.

-- $800 million.

Number five is bed bath and beyond.

They have four quarter sales earnings below the forecast.

Like everybody else, they said it was deceptive whether that was to blame.

That will affect earnings i six percent.

-- by six percent.

Number four is mcdonald's. mcdonald's sales trailed the last six months.

Number three is at&t. they have cut mobile phone for the circuit -- second time in two months.

This came a day after t-mobile said it will double the amount of data.

Number three is chiquita brands.

They are going to merge with an irish food company.

They will create the world's biggest banana company.

The combined revenue is 4.6 billion dollars.

Number one is boeing.

The 777 jet has disappeared.

It came the same day boeing announced it found hairline cracks in the wings of 32 dreamliner 787 planes under construction.

I want to get back to julie hyman who has some breaking news.

There was talk about this and now it is confirmed.

They are filing for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

This is a pizza chain that has

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