The Top Ten Stocks for Monday, June 16

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June 16 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Betty Liu, Jonathan Ferro, and Alix Steel report on today's ten most important stocks on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop."

With the top 10. these are the only traits you need to know about.

Let's start with number 10, vodafone.

The company has announced plans to acquire -- technology.

The acquisition will increase vodafone's machine capabilities and is expected to close in the third quarter.

Number nine, he'll shire brands.

It with true support for pinnacle foods.

They do not have the right to terminate the merger in agreement.

Number eight is weatherford international oilfield.

They changed their placement from switzerland to ireland.

Weatherford shares fell 2.5 percent on the snooze.

Number seven is walmart.

The retail giant has opened and even -- and even -- and e-commerce site.

It will be rolled out across indian stores by january 2015. them a number six, level 3 communications, the telecommunications service company says it will buy tw telecom for $5.7 billion in cash.

It will give them a direct connection to business customers.

Number five is williams companies.

The deal would create one of the biggest u.s. transporters of fuel.

Number four is starbucks, the coffee shop chain will now start picking up the tab for college tuition for its employees.

Starbucks had previously offered as much as $1000 per year for tuition reimbursement for workers.

Number three it is -- the company is on the cusp of becoming the most valuable u.s. bank of all time.

Shares are up almost 14%. number two is -- the medical device makers have agreed to merge.

The electronics will pay $92 20 three cents for every share.

The combined company will be based for tax purposes in ireland.

Number one is overseas, cemented the company is preparing an offer for energy business with mitsubishi and he taught she -- and hitachi.

That news is expected to break today.

We may see a competing bid to i want to bring in stephen wood.

His call is that the market will

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