The Top Ten Stocks for Monday, July 8

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July 08 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Betty Liu, Michael McKee and Julie Hyman report on today's ten most important stocks including BP, Hulu and Boeing. They speak on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)

Because it is time for the top 10. these are the only trades you need to know about, starting with number 10. united health shares may rise over the next 10 years, which means investors may benefit from market expansion due to the affordable care act.


Aol, the online giant authorizing another 100 $50 million in share repurchases over the next few years.

The board also gave the go-ahead for a five-year, $250 million revolving credit line for a group led by j.p. morgan.

Qualcomm, the global technology chipmaker, removed from the top picks live list.

City steelmaking it's recommendation -- -- number seven -- number seven is priceline.

It may break $1000 after becoming more competitive for booking european hotels.


Eli lilly, the ceo cleared to return to the top spot after having heart surgery early this year.

He has been serving as the top of the company for the last five years.

Number five is bp.

Billions of dollars hang of the balance for the oil company today, as it reveals it has to pay fines for the 2010 a of mexico oil spill.

Bp says much of it is for fictitious lawsuits.

Number four is at&t, america's largest telecommunications company.

Turning group is submitting a joint bid for hulu.

-- churnen group is submitting a joint bid for hulu.

The bids are due friday.

Number three is out,. it kicks off earnings season, replacing its quarterly numbers.

Six cents of profit per share, nearly 50% job from last quarter.

Number two is dell.

The battle over the communicator -- the battle over the computer maker getting even hotter.

Investors should accept the founder upon michael dell, $24.4 billion offer.

The iss sees it as the space for bids.

A good day from michael dell die for michael dell, but not for boeing, our number one stock.

Investors in the airline maker waiting for results of the investigation into the airline crash.

Keep watching boomer television for continuing coverage on the first jetliner crash -- keep watching bloomberg television for continuing coverage of the first major jetliner crash in several years.

The president of nws capital

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