The Top Ten Stocks for Monday, July 28

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July 28 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Betty Liu, Olivia Sterns, and Julie Hyman report on today's ten most important stocks on "In The Loop."

Merging four $9 billion.

Just about a half hour ago, this merger mania continues in the u.s.. we are on the markets again in 30 minutes.

Let's count down to the open with the top 10. is the only stories you need to know today.

Julie hyman joins in.

Shares are falling in the free market.

The sector performs and outperforms on valuation and expressed concern the company's operating margins in 2015, the stock is fairly valued at $26. number nine, the stock was raised to outperform or market perform center bernstein.

$30 a share.

The stock sold off last weekend after the company reported strong second-quarter earnings but offered weak guidance for the current quarter.

Number eight, tyson foods, selling its poultry business in mesko and brazil for $75 million it in cash.

They also reported third-quarter earnings that missed analyst estimates.

Number seven, shares of the chinese internet portal falling in the free market.

-- premarket.

Sales mid -- missed analyst estimates.

Its weakest performing unit was online gaming.

Revenue fell by nine percent.

Number six, the drugmaker was downgraded to outperform abm oh capital markets.

The company's not enough to make up for weakening mature franchises next year.

The analyst 12 -- price market is $31. number five, shares of the discount shoe retailer falling in the market.

Under performed to neutral.

The firm says it believes they will continue to lower their guidance, $23 per share.

We know bf w. it occurs to me, i am not sure the last time i have been there.

What do you think they serve.


Shares more than 60%, 7.1 million shares apiece.

That is not appetizing.

Number three, reynolds american.

The tobacco company was a 12 month target of $72 per share.

This comes a week after a jury ordered the company to pay a $13 billion fine and increased competition of a merger.

That headline should have said reynolds had just spent about $24 billion buying up a competitor.

Let's keep talking mergers.

The real estate industry, julio.

$3.5 billion, an all stock deal.

The merger will create the largest online advertising company.

That is a big deal in the housing industry.

Another big deal in the dollar industry.

The dollar retail business.

Dollar tree has agreed to buy

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