The Top Ten Stocks for Monday, July 15

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July 15 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Betty Liu, Julie Hyman and Michael McKee report on today's ten most important stocks including Sprint, Leap Wireless and Citigroup. They speak on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop."

Starting with number 10 and j.b. hunt transport services.

Reporting a one cent earnings miss in the second quarter as it shrinks the size of its truck fleet.

Missing estimates by $20 million.

Number nine, sprint, launching a new unlimited plan that is guaranteed for the life of the service.

That is to pull customers away from at&t and for eisen.

Investors are driving sprint shares higher in the premarket.

Never eight, -- number eight is alexion.

The world's largest maker of cancer medicine roche -- alexion as one drug only.

It can cost patients up to $400,000 a year.

Number seven is hewlett- packard.

Shares in the green in premarket trade after meg whitman announced three new members will join the board with her.

The company aiming to re- energize its pc segment to compete against the novo, its biggest rival -- against lenovo.

Number six, yahoo!


Has bought 16 startups.

It is leading usweb searches.

Number five is ups.

The delivery service has hit headwinds.

The company cut its full-year earnings by hands and that was followed by downgrades.

Number four, tech.

Dell --they say the proposed valuation does not make any sense when compared to hp.

The committee says it is willing to talk with carl icahn, who canceled their meeting last week.

Lots going on.

Number three, knowing shares on a downward spiral.

-- boeing shares on a downward spiral.

It is still unclear whether shares will recover.

Regulators have no answers about why a fire occurred.

Number two, leap wireless.

At&t paying a premium for the mobile services company, offering $15 a share, cash in exchange for more pay-as-you-go customers as well as more spectrum.

88% more than its last closing stock price.

Look for those leap shares to gain today.

Moving onto banks.

Number one, citigroup posting a 42% increase in second-quarter profit this morning.

This beat analyst estimates by a long shot.

[bell rings] joining us now from chicago at the cme is todd horwitz, founder

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