The Top Ten Stocks for Monday, December 9

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Dec. 9 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Betty Liu, Cory Johnson and Scarlet Fu report on today's ten most important stocks on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop."

You need to know about.

Cory joined in as well.

The company one ncaa approval command may generate more than $6 billion in annual sales.

It leads the growing market for drugs, to combate the disease with fewer side effects.

Number nine is yahoo!. number eight is continental resources.

Downgrading the energy company, from hold to buy.

At number seven, morgan stanley upgraded the company kraft food from overweight to equal weight.

Number six, given imaging.

It will be acquired by company up for $360 million.

They expect to close that deal by march 31 big number five, mosaic.

Mosaic saying the move represents a major goal towards its goal of more efficient balance sheets.

Disney, paring with paramount for a marketing deal.

Other wall street firms are being investigated according to scandals that are aimed reported here.

The investigation is whether jpmorgan violated anti-bribery loss.

Shares jumping after sysco agreed to buy u.s. food for 300 -- $3.5 billion.

The number one stock, mcdonald's. sales dropped for the fifth straight month in november.

Tony's now from chicago the author and founder of average joe options.

I am curious what you made of friday's move where we had these really surprising down numbers and the markets went up.

Is that a break here in psychology?

Good morning buddy, good morning cory.

The jobs number was perceived as good.

When you look at the underneath numbers, we're going to see that the number was not as good as we think, because this patient is at the lowest level in 33 years.

I think what we're really going to find out is that there's going to be no taper.

No tapers go delete equities going higher because with the free money, five percent of the world holds 82% of the stock.

They're good to can get a bike because they have that competitive advantage to get sheep money.

They have cheap money, they were able to go buy more stock.

What about gdp?

Gdp, we had a little blip here in the last quarter, but in

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