The Top Ten Stocks for Monday, Dec. 30

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Dec. 30 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Deirdre Bolton, Scarlet Fu and Julie Hyman report on today's ten most important stocks on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)

Network, dead and buried for people in the u.k. according to a social media study.

Research from london shows that children and teenagers are leaving facebook for newer sites, like twitter, instagram, and step chat.

Among belize international, kraft foods is selling its bid in snack well, the cookie cracker bit -- cookie cracker brand fueling the low-fat craze -- phase two decades ago.

Number eight, cooper tire and rubber company dropping their $2.2 billion merger with apollo tires, saying that financing for the heel is no longer available following evaluation dispute with the company.

Sandy technology is number seven, shares rallying to a new high, extending last ekes gains, extending ownership agreements, a subsidiary for the chinese automaker, they say they expect to deliver 2800 electric vehicles in the fourth quarter.

Number six, a french drugmaker failing to win u.s. regulatory approval for its multiple sclerosis drug, failing to capture a larger share of the market, centipede said they disagree with the fda decision.

Samsung, debuting a 100 tenants television that is four times the resolution of standard i definitely -- 100 and 10 inch television that is four times the definition -- resolution of current high definition television.

A breast-cancer agency that administers medicare benefits said they will lower the rates for their services.

Piper jaffray companies price tap -- price target on the stock.

The nation's largest producer and distributor of eggs, behind brands like a gland best, reporting an 83% jump in second- quarter earnings, results attributed to lower production costs and increased sales of specialty eggs.

Number two is twitter, posting their biggest decline on friday since their trading debut in early november.

The stock valuation ignited the drop, continuing to fly in the free market -- premarket.

Number one, cross fit shares surging after announcing that john mccarver will be retiring this spring.

Blackstone, investing $200 million in the maker of colorful last the cogs.

Crocs said that they would increase stock repurchases to $350 million.

The opening bell is just moments away, but joining us from chicago in the meantime, todd horwitz, the founder of average joe

Glad to have you with us.

What do you think for today?

I think a lot of traders are trying to close out the year without much trouble, right?

That is right.

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