The Top Ten Stocks for Monday, Dec. 23

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Dec. 23 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Betty Liu, Alix Steel and Olivia Sterns report on today's ten most important stocks on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)

Top 10, the only trades you need to know about today.

I was thinking about you.

Not all blondes are the same.

Number 10, facebook.

Shares moving -- trading as part of the s&p 500 index for the first time today.

Shares gained more than three percent last week and have more than the world since last year.

Shares of the global oncology company were upgraded by at least two analysts.

The fda has approved revised guidelines allowing it to return to the markets immediately.

Upgrading shares to outperform from neutral.

The analyst citing compelling merchandise margins and demographic appeal.

Number seven, micron technology.

Bank of america/merrill lynch downgraded shares to underperform from neutral.

Expect the ishares to weaken.

Shares have surged to nearly 250% so far this year.

-- expecting the shares to weaken.

The fda gave a company marketing approval for the oral version of the treatment for high blood pressure in the arteries.

At number five, kb home's. the company was upgraded to neutral from sell at citigroup.

The bank citing valuation and more favorable to thousand 14 earnings outlook.

Raising the price target to $17 per share.

Number four, tiffany's. ordered to pay 400 $49 million after the watchmaker claimed a joint venture.

The reward is more than they earned last year in net income.

Number three, men's wearhouse.

Joseph a bank rejected the proposal, saying is significantly undervalued the company.

They will continue to review purchase opportunities.

They originally made an offer to purchase men's wearhouse.

Number two, target.

Coming under fire after it was revealed that as many as 40 million credit card and debit cards may have been stolen.

Two senators calling for an investigation into the security measures.

There were tons of people in there this weekend.

As a frequent target shopper, i can well imagine that.

Number one, apple.

Finally reaching a deal to sell the iphone in china.

They will begin taking pre- orders on christmas.

They will be available in stores on january 17. a big deal for apple to finally get that done.

Joining us from chicago, from the cme, todd horwitz.

So many people have come on the program and have said even with

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