The Top Ten Stocks for Monday, August 11

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Aug. 11 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Betty Liu, Olivia Sterns, and Julie Hyman report on today's ten most important stocks on "In The Loop."

We will watch how the stocks trade on that.

"on the markets" again in 30 minutes let's count down again to the opening with the top 10. olivia sterns and julie hyman stay with me.

Let's start with number 10, tesla.

Shares getting a charge in the premarket.

Such event -- deutsche upgraded shares from hold to buy,. the 12 month price target is $310 per share.

9, con agra's ceo announcing that he will retire in may.

He has been with conagra since 2005 and will participate in the succession process before stepping down.

It was under his tenure that conagra broke into the largest private food label earlier this year.

Aramark, sticking with food.

Shares popping in the premarket.

Third-quarter profit soared as it posted higher sales.

Aramark raised its earnings outlook range.

Shares of pepsico, the beverage and snack giant, upgraded to buy from neutral at ubs.

Expecting earnings to continue to beat estimates.

Trulia and zillow, shares falling in the premarket.

Zillow's purchase of trulia may not be a sure winner, shares might be overpriced., more than 900 authors have united in solidarity against the e-commerce giant.

Betty talked to one of them earlier.

Amazon is fighting back with its own pr campaign in response to a battle that has amazon blocking or delaying sales of hachette books allow negotiating a new distribution deal with the publisher.

Now, it is also blocking pre-orders of disney movies.

"captain america peter" it is like the music business.

You did have the valuing of music.

He made it cheaper for people to buy.

In many cases, they ended up getting it for nothing.

You could say that the quality of music has gone down, to some degree.

The artists -- because we are not listening to the alternative music that you do.

You could argue that, you are not getting as many -- it is not as lucrative.

It is not in the author's best interest.

We could talk more but we have to move on.

Blackstone group, the private equity firm, in talks to buy shell's stake in a shale gas stake in louisiana, $1.2 bil lion for the half interest in the formation.

Mankind won fda approval for its inhaled insulin treatment weeks ago.

Shares soarded 30%. dean foods.

Withdrew its earnings forecast, saying it is operating in the mystical environment ever.

The store we have been following, kinder morgan.

Richard kinder consolidating his empire.

In a series of deals, a acquiring kinder morgan management, el paso parkland, about 44 billion dollars.

Let's bring in chris from wells fargo securities.

He says if you are scared in these markets, you have got to stay green, hold more cash.

There aren't a lot of safe

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