The Top Ten Stocks for Monday, Aug. 4

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Aug. 4 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Betty Liu, Julie Hyman and Scarlet Fu report on today's ten most important stocks on "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)

We reached a few weeks ago.

Some stabilization in portugal helping things along.

These are the sort that you need to know about today.

Garlic food and julie hyman is with me.

Let's start with ever corp.. they are buying the isi group.

Ed hyman is selling his firm for as much as $406 million.

Not related, by the way.

Mobileeye is poised to open higher in the second day of trading.

They surged 50% in its market debut on friday.

The company sold 36.5 million shares.

Walt disney had a big weekend at the box offices.

"guardians of the galaxy" took the top spot with $98 million in domestic sales.

It was the biggest august opening in history.

Did you hear about that story, how some theaters played "rise of the guardians" instead of the right movie?

Mcdonald's will be revamping some of its menus in china.

The company says it is increasing orders from other existing suppliers in china while exploring some new ones.

Shares of amgen are rising.

The company said a clinical trial or a late stage treatment for mold for myeloma was successful.

Shares are closing in on a high that was set last wednesday.

Microsoft is suing samsung electronics, alleging that they use the nuclear phone business as an excuse to stop complying with the contract then they signed in 2011. ge is betting on africa, investing $2 billion in the continent by 2015. they say africa is at most promising growth region and made $5 billion in revenue from its operations there last year.

Jeffrey immelt talking about if shutting down the import export bank, that would be a big blow to their trading.

Number three is autonation.

They posted july sale numbers that were the best since july 2006. it was an eight percent in greece -- increase from a year ago.

Sales of luxury premium vehicle surged 17% last month.

Michael kors first quarter sales rose last month.

However, shares are down.

The company has been taking market share, but the question is what will it cost them to continue this way?

The ceo talking about gross margins may be shrinking a little bit into next year.

Right now around 62%. the growth has been incredible.

With eddie momentum, how long can you keep it up?

Maybe warren buffett would buy it.

He needs something.

Berkshire hathaway has more cash than ever before.

It grows tested the billion dollars at the end of june, the first time it finished a quarter above that level since warren buffett became the chairman more than four decades ago.

What a problem to have.

It is incredible, a lot of money.

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