The Top Ten Stocks for Monday, Aug. 18

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Aug. 18 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Matt Miller, Olivia Sterns and Scarlet Fu report on today's ten most important stocks on "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)

Need to know about today.

I will kick it off with number 10. credit suisse.

The company has been caught up in the controversy over the classic portugal.

Credit suisse helped sell billions of dollars of securities that played a key role in the banks crippling loss according to "the wall street journal." number 9, 20 first century fox.

Increasing production of local in which shows in foreign markets.

It is part of an effort to boost international profit past $1 billion.

Semiconductors, shares falling in the premarket after the company was downgraded to sell from neutral by goldman sachs.

The firm expects estimates to move lower due to cyclical headwinds and also said difficult with growth and handsets.

And actual sales.

Not an under performer, not underweight.

Number seven, tesla shares higher after saleen automotive has begun accepting orders for its first high-performance version of the model s. price tag can get as high as $200,000. if you go on the cheap, $150,000. still more than what tesla charges.

Number six, sprint.

The company's new ceo preparing to rollout new price plans for mobile customers according to "the wall street journal." no word on what they will look like but sprint has tested an unlimited talk, text, data plan for $50 a month.

Are you a buyer?


If they have decent coverage.

That is why they need a big deal so that money to invest in a for structure.

Number five thomas seaworld entertainment hitting a boost after credit suisse initiated coverage on the stock with an outperform rating singh shares are likely your bottom after suffering very negative publicity from the blackfish documentary and disappointing overall results.

Don't you worry about the killer whales that are kept in cages?

I do.

Seaworld entertainment said they're going to come up with new fish pins.

Looking to give carmax a run for its money, echo park stores will directly compete with a used-car retailer and are part of a larger 350 lindo wing essman to revamp how it sells its cars.

The used car market is huge.

By subprime lending, actually.

Let's go to number three, monster energy drinks.

Jeffries is downgrading it to a buy.

-- jeffries has downgraded it.

And exploration of oil off the coast of australia could be one of the world -- and one of the country's largest oil discoveries in decades.

[closing bell] you don't -- you don't have to hurry.

I don't feel constrained by the issues likely opening on the closing bell.

I worked on the new york stock exchange for a time.

They start work long before the opening bell and they continue long after the closing bell.

Dollar general plans to pay $7,850 -- $78 and $.50 per share . let's bring in jonathan colin,

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