The Top Ten Stocks for Monday, April 14

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April 14 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Betty Liu, Julie Hyman and Alix Steel report on today's ten most important stocks on Bloomberg Television's “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)

New design director.

Let's count down the only traits you need to know about today.

Let's start with number 10. the credit card company was raised to outperform.

The analysts said it had a more attractive risk reward following the pullback in shares since the peak in january.

Robert baird has a 245 dollar price target.

Johnson and johnson makes everything from hair care part x to surgical equipment -- products to surgical equipment.

They kept there by target on the maker.

Facebook is getting ready to launch a service that would allow people to make payments and store money on the social network.

Emoney would only be available in europe to start.

General motors, to follow from the massive recalls continued.

They report earnings next thursday and may post a first-quarter loss in four years as it avoids -- absorbs recall costs.

They are negotiating a price increase on the upcoming iphone 6. the analyst says the new iphone may be the only headline worthy phone this year.

The initial response to the apple request has been no.

Shares of the company are surging in the premarket.

A judge granted the company's motion for a per limiter injunction that prevented its competitor from selling in the united states.

May say it infringes on its patents.

Shares of the biotech company falling in the premarket.

The company will delay the start of a phase three trial of the drug for people with post-strep deficits.

The trial has been expected to start in the second quarter.

The company's announcing -- the companies are announcing a partnership.

They will be available in two staples stores.

The stores will let consumers and small businesses create her stylized products -- personalized products.

Herbalife is the subject of an fbi probe.

The company has been accused by bill ackman of being a pyramid scheme.

It said it had no knowledge of the investigation.

Shares plunged late friday.

They are coming back this morning.

Number one is a group -- citigroup reporting an unexpected increase in profits.

They beat analyst estimates as they recouped money set aside for loan losses.

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