The Top Ten Stocks for May 30

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May 30 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Trish Regan and Matt Miller report on today's ten most important stocks including Splunk, Madison Square Garden and BNP Paribas. (Source: Bloomberg)

Eight percent.

The retail chain cut its annual forecast and announced it will be shutting down over 50 stores within the next three years.

Sales fell almost 10% in the first quarter.

Express plans on wine back $100 million in -- buying back over $100 million in stocks.

Pacific sun down over 18%. the posted same-store sales that were up but stocks fell after they've posted second quarter revenue forecast less than analysts had estimated because of underperformance in women's category.

Let's move on to big lots.

Gaining after boosting its etf and it was .9%. annie's in the red.

Falling after reporting that it is trailing analyst estimates.

App $.95 a share versus the $1.31. not a lot of people eating macaroni and cheese.

And the chinese mobile services provider surged after increasing its sales forecast as well as selling stake in its subsidiary, fl mobile.

Number five is lions gate.

The company falling after revenues saw a decline of 1.8%. posting an overall miss in estimates.

Analysts wanted more than that forecasting revenue.

They wanted to see more -- this stock has been interesting.

It is the kind of company that is made or broken on [inaudible] it is kind of like apple.

They do not have the steady resident -- revenue stream.

And down over 17%. they cut the price to get they had for the company.

Posting revenue that beat estimates.

Splunk products.

And down over 38%. fourth quarter results trailed estimates.

The ceo will be stepping down as soon as a successor is found.

Madison square garden on a winning streak as the rangers advance to the stanley cup finals.

The stock saw a gain from the sale of the clippers to steve ballmer for $2 billion.

The new york knicks may be worth 50% more than the clippers.

The stock of the day, trading down.

Shares down over u.s. authorities are said to be seeking $10 billion in a settlement for dealing with sanctioned countries like erin and sudan.

Jpmorgan played -- paid 13 billion last year.

The hope is that will be a deterrent.

Here we are at the close of trading.

A new all-time record.

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