The Top Ten Stocks for May 22

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May 22 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Trish Regan, Cristina Alesci and Alix Steel report on today's ten most important stocks including Lorillard, SodaStream and (Source: Bloomberg)

Ten, activision.

The controlling shareholder is selling half of its remaining stake in offering value at more than 860 million dollars.

Nine, sony.

Up slightly.

Sony saying it is not considering an exit from the tv manufacturing business, even though that business has lost money each year in the past decade.

Eight, best buy.

Up almost three percent.

Revenue missed forecasts.

It also sees an ongoing industrywide sale continuing to decline in numerous electronic categories.

Seven, williams-sonoma.

First-quarter profit of $.48 per share, four cents above estimates.

The retailer raised its forecast for the full year.

Consumers will need goods to fill out new kitchens.

Six, sears.

Up almost four percent.

The retailer reporting a four-day loss of $2.24 per share, excluding certain items.

That was wider than forecasted by estimates, which came in at $1.87. the sales decline has stretched into its seventh year.

Sears said it is continuing to evaluation -- evaluate the separation of its auto unit.

Number five, dollar tree.

Revenue is slightly shy of forecasted.

Retail is getting murky.

The stocks are up on bad news?

Less that is good.

Is that the idea here?

Maybe just get the bad news out of the way, and hopefully it will get better.

The first quarter was bad across the board for everybody.

Everybody took a hit.

On the high end, we have seen results -- if you look at urban outfitters and what they reported, urban outfitters the brand did badly, but it's high end brand did really well.

Four, hess.

Up 1%. the oil company has sold its retail unit two marathon petroleum for $2.67 billion.

Shares of warlords are down.

The deal would drastically alter the u.s. tobacco landscape, creating a powerful number two in the industry with all three.

The deal would give reynolds a strong foothold in the electronic cigarette market.


Soda stream upgraded at barclays.

Here we are, and our number one stock of the day.

The largest online direct sales company began trading today on the nasdaq, after pricing its ipo at $19 per share, above the expected range of $16 to $18 per share.

There's a lot of anticipation about another big e-commerce company coming out of china, alibaba, later this summer.

We have more details here at the close of trading about hp's earnings release.

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